Dublin – Party Town

Of late Dublin has gained a reputation for being a party town where the Guinness never stops flowing. Visit at the weekend and you can well believe it as hordes of happy revellers descend on the city’s Temple Bar district, often via ferry from mainland UK, eager to sample the “craic”. The history, the charming Georgian architecture and the host of more earthy entertainment on offer will all entice you to the place, but it is the people that will leave the biggest impression on you. Elsewhere in Ireland they’ll tell you everyone in Dublin is in a hurry, but that reflects on how amazingly slow life is throughout the country. A more laid back approach to life can’t exist in any capital in the world, and it is highly contagious. But even if the only piece of Dublin you see is the inside of one of the city’s marvellous pubs it’ll be enough to make you instantly love the place, and like the ghost of Molly Malone, you can’t help but leave something of your spirit among its streets. Check for the special Dublin rates


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