Tourism Australia, and its predecessor the Australian Tourist Commission, has been constantly marketing Australia internationally as a tourist destination for more than 40 years.During this time Australia has established a reputation as an innovator in tourism marketing and has built one of the world’s most successful and desirable destination brands.

Glittering rivers and oceans,  wildlife, mountains, captivating scenery, waterfalls, perfect beaches all come together to attract people from all round the globe to the fascinating country of Australia. Spread over an area of 7.68 million sq. km, Australia is home to some 19.5 million people. Australia’s human history began about 45,000 years ago with the arrival of the people now known as Aboriginals across the straits from what is known today as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It was settled by the British just over 200 years ago, in 1788, and since then has transformed from a colonial outpost into a nation where enthusiasm and exuberance shimmers in every part of the country.    

Sun-kissed beaches, the dramatic Red Centre, over 500 national parks along with most friendly people makes Australia most desirable tourist destination. Victorian-era buildings makes Australia an exciting place to visit. There is no dearth of tourist destinations in the country. Infact, a wondrous dilemma that is faced by almost everybody visiting the place is, where to begin!

Sydney Tourist Attractions are diverse and offer breathtaking natural beauty coupled with some iconic architectural excellence that is the landmarks of the city in the Global arena. Offering excellent accommodation facilities at an economic rate, Sydney draws the tourists towards it from the state and abroad. Being one of the oldest and most picturesque cities of Australia, Sydney boasts cultural diversity coupled with mouth watering culinary experience that contribute in making it one of the most sought after tourist destination of theworld.(

Sydney Harbor Bridge is the iconic bridge that offers the panoramic view of the City and the harbor. The concept of the famous Sydney Rock is basically derived from the rocky coastal areas of Sydney on the western side. It happens to be another popular tourist spot. Tourists can also visit the Sydney Aquarium and enjoy the marine collections and various wild underwater habitats. These above mentioned tourist attractions in Sydney make it a world class tourist destination. (

Being one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world, Melbourne also happens to be the most picturesque cities of Australia having a lot to offer the Global tourists. Starting from the cultural diversity that is something to see and enjoy, Melbourne also offers sporting grounds, a great culinary experiencing providing a dynamic food and dining experience. Leafy boulevards, great landscape and picturesque scenic beauty of the urban life make Melbourne the most alluring tourist spots in the Global Arena. (

Federation Square, Melbourne Australia

A tourist can start their tour by taking a bus ride and hop at the different city attractions such as the Arts Center, Queen Victoria Market, South bank and Federation Square etc. One can also take tram ride which will take him along the City’s major streets and popular attractions. In the afternoon the tourist can head towards the Federation Square and enjoy the different galleries. Again the tourists can also take a tram to the St Kilda Beach. After enjoying the Beach the tourist can wander the esplanade and shopping arcades down the street along the Fitzroy and Acland Streets. The tour from Yarra River to St Kilda Beach is worth seeing. Tourists can also visit the Mornington Peninsula where they can swim with dolphins and enjoy the breathtaking view of the historic seaside Village of Sorrento. All these attractions in Melbourne make it the ideal vacation spot for the International tourists.


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