The island of Malta is a small but heavily populated island located 90 km south os Sicily, with 1.2 million tourists every year. Tourism infrastructure has increased dramatically over the years and a number of good-quality hotels are present on the island. The ratio of inbound tourists to outbound tourists is decreasing.  Consisting of seven islands, Malta is a popular tourist resort with the sea proximity, exciting night life and a history dating back thousands of years.

Everywhere you go, a different historic sight awaits.  Temples, palaces, cathedrals, as well as forts provide a history you can almost touch. Sound plays an important segment in the life of the islands. The mix of fireworks and village band marches transforms a summer night into a special memory.   The advantage of a stay on the Maltese Islands is which you can experience several holidays in one.

The Maltese Islands aren’t very large. The public bus services on Malta and Gozo is a good way to get around. The longest bus journey takes about fifty minutes and the normal ride is between twenty   and thirty minutes. But bofore you go there, you should know that the traffic drives on the left as in UK.

Do Not Back Before Do These!

Participate the local village festivals, such as Malta International Fireworks or Art Festival, in summer with fireworks and horseracing in the streets of Malta and Goza.

Go snorkelling or scuba-diving, it is possible all year-round. The best sites are Cirkewwa and Qawra Point. The Wied Iz-Zurrieg is being popular for night dives.  On of the most popular place in Gozo is  Dwejra Point.

Go to the beaches on the north coast. The best beaches are at Golden Bay, Paradise Bay, Armier Bay, Mellieha Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha Bay. Il-Qawra is better known as the inland sea, with the crystal-clear water, secluded bathing pool and sheer cliffs. For an unspoilt sandy beach, attempt Ir-Ramla il-Wamra.



  1. ya, it is nice post to me and really agree with your comment “Do Not Back Before Do These!”. Hope i will be there in any time of life!

    I will check all the place related site for more information about the post indicates.

    thank you very much!

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