Dubrovnik Summer Festival

10 July – 25 August

Dubrovnik Summer Festival keeps the old town young every summer.62 nd edition of this brillant event will happen from July 10th to August 25th 2011.When the July 10th comes every year, there is a memorial sight of the opening ceremony of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival. All the tourists from all around the world, dancing and singing, and there are varied programs in the fields of  theatre, classic music, opera, and bailet. Special locations are chosen around the old town centre as venues for classical concerts, theatrical and dance performances.

Dubrovnik is an old city on the Adriatic Sea coast in the south part of Crotia. It is combination of great history, cultural heritage and very beautiful nature. All of these attractions are encompassed by towers and massive city walls , which seem to guard this priceless treasure.

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