Jeju (Cheju)

Jeju (Cheju) Island is also known as the “Island of the Gods” a popular vacation spot for Japanese and Koreans. Located in a southern island where the weather is mild even in winter, the city is a famous resort with public casino facilities. Jeju welcomes over 4 million visitors from mainland Korea, Japan, and China every year. The island’s mixture of volcanic rock, temperate climate and frequent rains, make it very similar to the Hawaiian Islands in the U.S. The island offers visitors a wide range of activities: catching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, viewing glorious waterfalls, riding horses,hiking on South Korea’s highest peak, or just lying on the sandy beaches of Jeju Island.

Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, one of the most popular tourist attractions on the Jeju Island

A fisherman wades into the waters of Hyeopjae Beach on Jeju Island. As Korea’s most southern region, the weather on Jejudo Island is warmer than the mainland even during the cold winter months

Waves crashing against the columnar joints in Jungmun, Jeju Island, South Korea.

As you see in the photo, this is a lava tube, Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes, is a Natural World Heritage Site.

Yongduam at Sunset. The rock formation on the right is Dragon Head Rock. As a volcanic Island, Jeju has many distinctive rock formations and 9 sites in Jeju island has been registered as Global Geoparks by UNESCO


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