Dance of Ice: Iceland

According to voyagers; Iceland is very different and beautiful country in the world which is an unusual  island under the north arctic circle and above on north atlantic region. Iceland has unusual effects because which has volcanic activity and geothermal effect. Volcanic mountains is always available to volcanic eruption and also explosive.Iceland’s surface arena is 103 thousand kilometres that is 52% of this  is volcanic desert, 12% is glacier and  11%  is cooled down lava flow so it is a maiden heaven country. It has very good wild nature so that is wonderful places .The fourth of island country in the world is Iceland. Population is 308 thousand. Moreover, Iceland is ideal for naturelovers that has volcanic mountains, geothermal areas, delicious fishes, cooled down areas, volcanic craters, wonder of nature fjords, gaysers which is also know as hot spring,  natural spring waters, dazzling cliffs, untouched  mud,  wonderfool big waterfalls are in one country: Iceland.


                                                 “Seljalandsfoss Waterfall Iceland”

One of interesting feature  is that Iceland has very long seaboard and the island  is consisted of fjords totally. The icefield of Vatna, Hofs, Lang, Myrdals, Dranga and Sneafells are determine on geological structure of Iceland. Icefield of  Vatna  is the biggest ice field of Europa, and it is also third biggest of  icefield of the world.

                    “Myrdals Icefield”

                                                         “Sneafells Icefields”

                                                          “Vatna Icefield”


The island is very rich because it has several fauna and flora and also mineral variety so that has biological diversity. 230 kind of birds,  220 kind of herbs, sea mammals, 9-10 sort of whales, very intresting sea dogs, several type of dolphins are lived in lceland so the nature has been protected. Furthermore, puffins is a sort of bird type is mascot of island.



“Icelandic Horse”

Iceland is the unique country in the world that has tourist number is more than itself population. 400 thousand of tourists visit the island per year and this information is enough for the answer of  “Why l go to Iceland” question. Additionally, climbing,  jogging, rafting, golf, scuba diving, taking a dog sled, snowmobile, riding a horse, walking on the ice, saga tours, hot water bathing spa tours, sky of river-sea-lake, bubbling up mud,  observing birds and baleen are only some of the  “to do list in Iceland” things.


                                                            “Iceland Waterfalls”

Firstly, you should start your trip station is Reykjavik, that is the capital of the island. It is comfortable coordinated city but at Friday night is very colorful and active. In Reykjavik, you can trip to Cathedral, Parliament, old buildings, wooden theater, National Gallery and Hallgrim Church that is very exciting architecture and also sculpture of Leifurr Eirikksonn which in front of Hallgrim Church, National Theater  by walk. In Reykjavik, The Museum of Saga explain the Iceland History and satisfying the need of island hot water.

                                                                     “Hallgrim Church”

                                                                “Saga Museum”


Thingvellir Canyon is the first  parliament of  the history an also geological and exciting area. Starting from Akureyri for to observe  baleen tour and to Jökulsargljufur National park,  tripping Krafla volcanic zone, east fjords, Godafoss is also known that “Gods of waterfall”, seeing Dettifost is European strongest big waterfall, Myvatn Lake is one of the top destination of the island.Forest in Egilsstadir, Stödvafjördur Mineral Museum, cruiseing Jökulsarlon ice lake, Vatna ice fields, Scartafell National park, Svartifoss waterfall, Hvannadals ice region, Landmannalaugar geothermal pools, dinning in Eyrebakki is to do thins in Iceland.

                                                  “Jökulsarlon Ice Lake”


                                                   “Jökulsargljufur National park”



                                                   “Dawn at Godafoss Iceland”


                                                               “Thingvellir Canyon”

Blue Lagoon is one of the most visited attration in Reykjavik, that is geothermal center is in Iceland.The warm waters are rich in minerals like silica and sulphur and bathing in the Blue Lagoon is reputed to help some people suffering from skin diseases. The Blue Lagoon also operates a Research and Development facility to help find cures for other skin ailments using the mineral-rich water. Finally, visiting Iceland is a good ceremony of nature.


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