Tokyo: “Eastern Capital”

Tokyo is capital city of Japan that is also largest city in Japan, this is megapol city. Tokyo known as in Japanese is “Capital of East” which is main administrative, cultural, financial, commercial educational and business centre of Japan. Furthermore, Tokyo has been inhabited since ancient times, and the small fishing village of Edo existed there for centuries before it became the capital of the Tokugawa shogunate in 1603 so the economic and cultural centre of Japan. Nextly,  By the 19th century it was one of the largest cities in the world, with a population exceeding 1,000,000. Under the Meiji Restoration, in 1868 it replaced Kyto as the imperial capital, and Edo was renamed Tokyo (“Eastern Capital”).

                                                  “Tokyo City Life in Night”

                                                ” Tokyo Flower Festival”

Population of Tokyo is 35 million and it is the most crowded city in the world. Tokyo is very modern and fantastic city that and the focus of an extensive urban complex that includes Kawasaki and Yokohama. The most important thing is about Tokyo is cultural center of Japan that has so many museums, library, sculpture, examples of post modern architectural buildings, universities, theatres …etc. So,there is so many visiting region in Tokyo. Attractions include the Imperial Palace, encircled by stone-walled moats and broad gardens, and numerous temples and shrines.

                                   “Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo”

Moreover, the Imperial Palace is most important art musuem of Japan which is in Park of Ueno that exhibite inheritance of Japan culture and also ethnographic materials, metallic properties, caligraphies, paintings, sculptures is exhibited in this area.

                                                  “Tokyo Imperial Palace”

Shibuya district is an entertainment area which is preferred by especially Japanese youthes. It is friendly and funny place and it has some shopping malls which is determined  the fashion of city.

                                                 “Shibuya Streets”

Odaiba is most visited center in the city which is hosting on Shinjiku Gyoen National Garden has the most biggest ferris whell in the world which is an entertainment center and shopping mall. It has also wonderful nocturne, particularly is preferred by young couples.

                                                   “Odaiba Bridge”

Shinjuku is in west way of the city who has favorite night clups and also good quality and luxury shopping mall. Shinjiku Gyoen National Garden is hosted by Shinjuku and it is a very peaceful area of the city. Nevertheless, it is near The Tokyo Opera City building.

                           “Inside of Tokyo Opera City”

                                                  “Shinjiku Gyoen National Garden”

Marunouchi is near of Imperial Palace which means “in centerand it is the centre of Japanese financial industry who embodies substantial banks. Historical Marunouchi Structure is known as “Maru-Biru” which was constructed in 1923 and also it has  so many restaurants, stores and offices are in this thirty six storey building.


Ginza is a world- famous district which is in walking distance from Marunouchi, almost ten minutes. Furthermore, Ginza has chic shopping mall and blinking neon light. The most celebrated  and major brands are in that area. In Noel, streets of the district are decorated and illuminated with one hundred twenty-six trees and seventy-five thousand lamp. Generally, the lamps in Christmas seems like star. Otherwise, art gallery are in Ginza.

                                                   ” Ginza Streets”

                                                 “Ginza’s Scenery”

Ueno is a district in Tokyo, secure its tratidional feauture which is served so many cultural activities. Museums, temples, fun fairs, Street entertainment, zooes, etc… are  Ueno’s intresting activities. By the way, you should see Ueno Park whose is one of the biggest park in Tokyo. In the beginning of April, pink cherries envelop Ueno Park. Ueno which is countless visitors came that hosts variable museums so that becomes very big cultural and art centre of the city.

                            “Pink Cherries in Ueno Park”

                                                   “Ueno Tokyo”

                                               ” Ueno National Park”

Asakusa keeps alive old Tokyo which has interwine streets, the stores which  sell “kimono” and traditionally goods and old buildings. To buy souvenirs is ideal for here.

                                     “Kimono Shop in Tokyo”


                                                                                   “Asasuka Temple”

Tokyo Tower, is in Shiba Park whose height is three hundred thirty-three meters and weight is four thousand tones. Design of famous  Paris’ Eifell Tower was based on by architecture of Tokyo Tower.

Tokyo Tower with Cherry Blossoms”

Roppongi Hills is made arrengement of the better land in the city which embody like various skyscrapers, amphitheatres, museums, hotels, cafes, shopping malls. Fifty-second floor of this skyscrapers tower which is observation part, you can see the Tokyo Tower, Fuji Mountain, Imperial Palace and you see all around the city. The other floors of buildings has cafes, art museums and restaurants which is you can find


                                       “Rappongi Hills”

                                                  “Fuji Mountain Sight”


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