Tallinn Opens Medieval Pages With Festivals

Tallinn is a middle age beauty city which is capital and main port city of Estonia. Tallinn has so many towers which rears up to sky besides it has streets with kerbstone which is also narrow streets. This specialities are enough to go to the faerie in Tallinn.

Tallinn Old City Streets”

“Historic Centre of  Tallinn

Tallinn‘s Back Street”

Tallinn Towers”

“St. Catherine’s Passage”

You will feel  to penetrate the  pages Middle Age while you walk on to Municipal Square from Parliament Square which is the most highest point of the city. Fat Margeret Tower and Tall Hermann Tower, Alexander Nevsky and  St. Mary’s Cathedrals, Pikk Jalg ( Long Leg ) Street, St. Nicholas Church, St. Olaf’s Church who has 120 metres tower and Municipal Building are some of surprises in the old city.

“Tall Hermann Tower”

“St. Mary Cathedral”

“Pikk Jalg, Pikk Street”

Tallinn St Nicholas Church”

“Fat Margeret Tower ”

“St. Olaf’s Church”

Historical city town in the list of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Toompea Castle is Parliament Building now which was built in 14. Century. The most oldest Municipal  Building of European with its gothic architecture in there whose has toilet 77 metres plafond in tower besides it is the most highest toilet in the World.

Tallinn‘s Toompea Hill”

“Toompea Castle”

Municipal Square is full of restaurants and cafes and the most oldest pharmacy s in there furthermore it is still open now. In Kadriorg Palace has two art museum and one of them exhibites works of Holland and Flaman artist, the other one  exhibites furnitures and properties of Peter the Great.

“Kadriorg Palace”

“Old Town Street Building”

“Municipal Square”

Alexander Nevsky Russian Cathedral is a bulbous dome and colorful construction which was built by  Czar Alexander in 1894 where is the opposite of parliement. The crescent of the below the cross has been symbolized triumpf  aganist the Ottoman Empire. The same symbol which you can see in domes Peterof Palace in St. Petersbourg. Rocca-al Mare Open-Air Museum has got 72 historical building. Tallinn Tv Tower is a laid construction but scenery of its is magnificent.

“Alexander Nevsky Cathedral”

“Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Apperance in Sunset”

“Rocca-al Mare Open-Air Museum”

“Rocca-al Mare Open-Air Museum 2”

Tallinn Festivals are also including varieties such as All Tallinn Song Festivals, Opera and Ballet Festival, Tallinn Salsa Festival which are not escaped when you will go to Tallinn.

All Tallinn Song Festival ( Lauluväljak) is based on “Bloodless Revolution” at the Soviet Union where is the festivals Estonians  won their independence it is shown as, for Estonian Song is very important. That festival is also opened for the public all year long but “especially in June”. Today, Tallinn‘s Song Festival Grounds are also used for hosting international acts, such as Iron Maiden, Pet Shop Boys, Metallica, Madonna, Elton John, Micheal Jackson, Tina Turner, 50 Cent, The Rolling Stones and Depeche Mode  and the contemporary dance music event, the Sundance Festival.

Tallinn Song Festivals”

“Song Fest”

Tallinn Song Festival Grounds – Lauluväljak”

Opera and Ballet Festival is big art organization besides Finnishes go to see that performs and Each year the Estonian National Opera holds its ‘Summer Night Stars’ – a week of performances of its most popular works. The event is always popular with sell-out performances that welcomes guest soloists and conductors in 12. – 21.  August.

Tallinn Salsa Festival includes workshops, lessons and stunning shows by very important and world-famous dancers from across the globe in 25.-27. November.

Tallinn Opera And Ballet Festival”

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