Heaven in The World: Hawaii

Hawaii is known with  its nature, volcanos, beaches, ethnic culture, flowers, etc.  Hawaiian weather is always sunny so you do not need to check the weather forecast in Hawaii.

” Awa’awapuhi Trail Kauai, Hawaii ”

Hawaii has big eight islands and  one hundred-twenty-four isles.  Approximately fourty language or patois have been spoken  in Hawaii so it is multicultural place.  Hawaii is also one of the  state of the Usa but it is a unique state.  Furthermore, Hawaii consists of island where is not in South America.  There are many ethnic groups as a minorities in Hawaii. Japanese people are second  big ethnic group in Hawaii.  Otherwise,  Hawaii has many volcanos whose are still active.  Hawaiian Hula Dancers are also famous in the world.

” Hawaiian Hula Girls ”

Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Kahoolawe, Oahu, Kauai ve Niihau are the big chain islands of the HawaiiHawaii is also name of the achipelago because of that Hawaii island is known as a big island.

” Oheo-Maui in Hawaii 

” Lanikai Beach Oahu, Hawaii ”

“Kauai Island in Hawaii ”

” Niihau Island in Hawaii ”

” Kahoolawe Island in Hawaii ”

” Lanai Island in Hawaii ”

Volcanic Hawaii Islands is a natural wonder. Twenty-one  seasons are on the earth but Hawaiian wonderful season added five more.  Volcano in the island, it is possible to sky in winter. Hawaii is a heaven with is magnificent hotels, different atmosphere,  sea with black sand, varied palm trees and coco trees, golf courses are together in Hawaii. By the way, sea with black sand was occured lava thus Hawaiian sand is also different.

” Lavaflow in Hawaii ”

Hawaii is called the island of powered volcano goddess Pele. The other name is the Big Island. There is a place with volcanic lavas and green which is interwine in these island. The other behindhand islands are totally smaller than Big Island approximately double the amount of total area. Hawaii is occured five volcanic mountaion eruption eight hundred of years ago. In there, there are so many place  which  is seen except sea and sun relationship. Volcano Art Center is a museum  that exhibited  Hawaiian artists and photographers art works. This museum is spectacular place with its work arts.

” Secret beach Kauai Hawaii ”

Hamakua Coast Highway has two municipal town whose name is Honokaa and Waipio. Two municipal town is called  Valley of the Kings. Rent a jeep and take the roan on Valley of the Kings. You must see domestic shelters Puuhonua and Honaunau where are people took shelter in wartime.

” Hamakua Coast Highway ”

Honolulu City in Hawaii, which is a capital city of the state where is in Ohau, and also the biggest town. In these place has got high buildings, apartments, skyscrapers and  big highways. Some people thinks that industrialization and urbanization misuse the nature and beauty of island. Nevertheless, nature was saved in Hawaii. Some of cities of Hawaii are Hilo, Kāne’ohe, Kailua, Pearl City, Waipahu, Kahului, Kailua-Kona, Kīhei, and Līhu’e.

” Honolulu City in Hawaii ”

Waikiki in Hawaii, which is a name which is became one with Hawaii. Waikiki is southern part of  Oahu where is also breezy place of the capital city of Honolulu. Skyscrapers, restaurants, shopping malls,  chic boutiques are very crowded and in beach of islands.The famous hotels of the island are the seaside.

” Waikiki Hawaii Island ”

” Waikiki Beach at Sunset ”

Hanauma Beach in Hawaii, which is very beautiful place of the island. Feature of the beach is dormant crater whosse was became as a different part of the beach. Moreover, in that crater has variable goldfishes.

” Hanauma Beach in Hawaii ”

Foster Botanical Garden in Hawaii shows you  all type of herbs of the region. In addition, orchids are attractive.

” Foster Botanical Garden ”

Diamond Hill is a viewpoint of the island which sees Waikiki Harbour and Waikiki beach. Also, Diamond Hill’ height is two hundred thirty two metres. To go and return to Diamond Hill is ninety minutes.

” Diamond Hill View ”

Kapiolani Park in Hawaii, which is one of old parks of Hawaii which charms its rose gardens furthermore  public concert and ethnic dance are arranged in Kapiolani Park.

” Queen Kapiolani Park at Sunset, Oahu, Hawaii ”

Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, which is harbour that changed destiny of the world. Otherwise, Pearl Harbour is known  as a place of Second World War.  USS Arizona and USS Missouri are represented Second World War destiny whose also in the same harbour after years. Japanese Amicable Agreement was signed in USS Missouri, this time,  which casted anchor to near of USS Arizona which was also raided Second World War invasion, firstly. USS Arizona accept as a symbol of Japanese attack on 7 Aralık 1941.

” A Memorial of Pearl Harbor Disaster”

Hawaiian Islands are  must see places in the world for first timers and it is a  experience destination for that reason you should see Hawaii before die.


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