City of Goddess Athena: Athens

Once upon a time,  Athens was a very new city which was built and it was also yet unnamed. Goddess Athena and God Poseidon were rival about to be patron deity of Athens. Then, they aggreed to give one gift for Athenians and also Athenians would choose the gift they preferred. Next, Poseidon struck his the ground his trident caused a spring water. However, the citizens and gods did not like this water because it was salty. Afterthat, Athena came there who planted a seed  in the ground, which grew up became lovely olive tree. Jury and citizens liked olive tree so the patron of deity was Athena.

” Godess Athena was named her name: Athens

”  Patron of deity was Athena ”

” Athena and Poseidon. Side a from a Faliscan red-figure volute-krate ”

Athens is a magic city in Greece which has 3000 years old. Athens seems like a maze when you climb up to Acropolis. Acropolis is known all over the world and that is also the most famous  protected area  is Because of Athens streets are intricate. Athens  is the magic capital city in Greece which had adored by Gods and people along history. In addition,  Athens hosts marvellous memories and Athens is also known as a place where was born civilization.

” Acropolis in ancient Athens

” The Agora in Ancient Athens

Prehistoric civilizations were generally built in Athens so  the most important successful architectural buildings were  constructed  in Athens and it was  created history of humanity.

” Acropolis And Full Moon ”

Sacred Acropolis’ year of built 5. Century before christ, it means the age of the famous Periclis so Acropolis still shines as  Pendelikon marble whiteness.  Acropolis has a variable temples dating from 5. Century before christ.  Ancient Athens was built in that area also Athens architecture. That gorgeous landmark is seen everywhere of Athens. Starting point of Athens trips is Acropolis. Acropolis means acro ” high place ” and polis “ city “ in Greek. In Ancient Greek, the main purpose of the city planning was building place where could  lived by Gods so acropolises were built in Greek. Acropolis in Ancient Age was very important in terms of Ancient Greek religion as well as military. Athena Nike Temple, Parthenon, Erechtheion and Propylaion are also in that hill which was built in 5.Century before Christ.

” Temple of Athena Nike ”

” Erechtheion ”

” The Parthenon Temple Acropolis, Athens

Ancient Agora in Monastiraki, the most important place of Greek which was as politic, commercial, social and governmental centre of Greek. Shopping areas in ancient time were in also Monastiraki. Agora Museum and Stoa of Zeus Eleutherious and the others are  in that ancient time bazaar.

” The Ancient Agora of Athens is located in the city centre ”

” Monastirtaki ”

Benaki Museum ( Kolonaki ), The Museum of Greek Folk Art- Plaka, Olympian Temple ( Syntagma ), Dionysus Theatre, National Archeology Museum ( Exarhia ), neoclassical houses, Turkish mosques, Byzantion churches, Plaka and Anafiotika historical centre of population are give hint rich history of Athens.

” The Museum of Greek Folk Art ”

” Theater of Dionysus, south slope of the Acropolis, Athens, 4th c. BC ”

” Temple of Olympian Zeus Athens Greece ”

” Gold jewelry from Mycenae, in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens

” Plaka Anafiotika, Athens

Athens is a cosmopolitan city which is also impressed by Hellenistic Culture. Hellen Festival is the best example of that culture. By the way, Athens is one of the symbol of European art.

” Greek Scultures in Hellenistic Era “

Cine Pari Cinema in Plaka and Aigli Cinema in Zappeio are important open-air cinemas of Athens and they are very popular especially in summer.  Ballet, opara, classical music, conferences and exhibitions are in Megeron Mousikis Athenon  which is the one of modern concert saloon of Athens. Herodes Atticus Theatre, comedies by Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides represent from  examples of Ancient Greek. Mathematician Plato, tragedy writers Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides was born in Athens.

” Statues of ancient Greek philosopers Plato (left) and Socrates (right) ”

Monastraki was named Small Monestry which was centre of Athens in Ottoman Empire. Turkish Bazaar, Fethiye and Tzastrakis mosques and Ermou Street in Monastraki whick seems like in Ottoman Era and it also bears the stamp of dönem the period of Ottoman Era.

” Plaka Athens  ”

Rembetika is the best example of the ancient Greek songs.  Night life of Athens is Tavernas- a small Greek restaurants are indispensable element  of “ to do list in Athens ”. Psistarias anly serve grilled meat,  You must visit tavernas in Plaka and you also taste anise-flavored Greek liquor and metaxa of course you must taste mezes- small portions of starters typical of Turkish and Greek cuisine.  Greek cuisine has a very large menü which was impressed Turkish, ancient Greek and Italian cuisines and it is also encircled by Meditterranean dishes. Olive oil, olive oil dishes, seafood, mezes and salads are famous in Greek. Olive oil has been  still important since goddess Athena.

” Tavernas ”

Greek cuisine examples are in Athens. Athens restaurants served with their  traditional meal especially in Plaka. Athens Japanese Sushi, Indian dishes, beverages and ancient Greek wines are also some favorite Athens’ foods. Monastraki and Psirri districts are served different beverages and Greek dishes.

” Mediterranean delights abound at Greek Taverna’s ”

Athens offers alternatives for shoppinglovers as jewellery, antique, crafts, dresses, fashinable clothes, modern designs, ornaments, …etc.

” Colorful Athens Store ”

Athens is City of Goddess Athena where is capital city of Greek. If you want seethis ancient city, you must visit Athens before die. Greek culture, Goddess Athena, delicious meals and Rembetika music is welcame you in Athens.

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