Riviera Maya, a unique place for honeymoon

Who said that the honeymoon always has to include roses and champaigns with romantic songs? It should be the most delightful time of your life. So here is a place that you can not only have romantic time but also discover the interesting and adventurous places.

Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya, also known as Mayan Riviera, is the place you can have fun, romantic time and also adventure. The temperature is mostly around 24–25 °C (75–77 °F) and generally between January and February there is the North wind called El Norte. As the place is on the coast side you can relax in the cold turquois water, under the warm sun. But for the ones who want more than that, the Mayan world is waiting for you to discover and there is not a better place for diving and fishing than Caribbean Sea. If you decided to spend your honeymoon in Riviera Maya, here’s the best deals for hotels.

You can relax in the stunning blue water of the Caribbean Sea.

You can climb the almost 140 feet high pyramid of Nohoch-Mul (big hill).

Riviera Maya has amazing caverns where the approximate depth is 10 meters (345 feet) so diving would be easy and enjoyable.


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