Estonia for Every Type of People

The smallest one along the Baltic countries Estonia, although not  yet discovered by most people, has both cultural and natural beauties inside with its mixture of seasides towns, country villages and forests. With its historic places like churches and castles you will have a little trip to 14th century and you should experience the nightlife while you have the chance.

For the ones who are planning to go to Estonia but not sure which city will give the must pleasure, we put the cities in order according to the love-types:

Tartu, for the ones who love city

With its wooden houses, parks and riverfront, you will fall in love with this city. The university students give a sophisticated atmosphere to this historical city.

Parnu, for the ones who love beaches

Parnu is the same Word used for “fun in the sun” and with its golden sand beaches, parks and historical centre, it deserves this name.

Saaremaa, for the ones who loves islands

The biggest island of the Estonian coast Saaermaa is the place where the rural traditions still continious. With its long summer days and festivals you will not want to leave this place.

Lahemaa, for the ones who love nature

Lahemaa, “Land of bays”, is the perfect place for the nature lovers in Estonia with its Brown bear, wolf and lynx. The pleasant guesthouses, 18th century manors (restored) and the campsites by the seaside are the options to stay there.

Muhu, for the ones who love Luxury

Muhu is where you can find the most luxurious places to stay in Estonia. You can either stay in a restored manor house or a carriage house with cinema and spa center inside. With its spa places and fine restaurants you will have the luxury in restored historical places.


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