Celebrating Halloween in Europe

As Halloween is getting closer you might start considering where to go to celebrate it. So we gathered some different cities that celebrates remarkably creepy as Halloween should be. Europe doesn’t celebrate Halloween like the United States but still with their exotic history and Gothic spirit with castles, dungeons, various traditions and scary legends, you will taste a different kind of Halloween. Add to all the iconic Trick or treating, carving pumpkins and ghost stories and you will probably get your best Halloween ever.
Transylvania, Romania

What other scary place can you imagine than Transilvania to celebrate Halloween? With continuing traditions and the legendary Dracula castle, it would be not only a perfect holiday but also a creepy celebration of Halloween.
London, UK

With ancient buildings, ghostly attractions and celebration all around the city makes London one of the most thrilling place to celebrate Halloween. If you add the bloody history with castles and dungeons, it becomes more thrilling than you imagine.
Edinburgh, Scotland

Halloween carries the signs of the Celtic festival, Samhain and the celebration of this festival is still continues in Edinburg. So besides the opportunity to wear a costume and having fun, Edinburgh provides its visitors a very different kind of celebration, with its rich traditions and creepy vaults and castles.
Dublin, Ireland

Halloween is being celebrated throughout Dublin with huge carnivals, parades and also many traditions makes the event very gleamy. Like Edinburgh, you will have full of creepy and mysterious Halloween celebration in Dublin.
Venice, Italy

Probably Venice will not be your first choice for Halloween but you have the chance to celebrate it in a sophisticated way with its canal, gondols, masks, architecture and masquerade balls.
Ostend, Belgium

Every year the preparation for Halloween in Ostend starts with the 1st of October and continues with decorations, scary creatures in the streets and different creepy events throughout the October. With this kind of celebration, Ostend gained the name of Belgium’s Halloween city.
Barcelona, Spain

It might sound weird but Barcelona has many events in Halloween as it has mixture of various cultures so it makes the city very colourful. You can find different events in clubs, on the beaches, music events and also different things that you can do with your family. If you are thinking of celebrating Halloween in Barcelona, don’t forget that they also celebrate La Castanyada (Chestnut Festival) and Dia de los Muertos, a Mexican holiday, with different kinds of events and fairs and traditional goods on November 1st.


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