Festivals in August

Every counrty has its own ritual celebrations of art, music or sometimes even a tomato fight that reflects their history. As some of us is lost in our daily working life or just bored of the rush of city life, we gathered some festivals around the world so you can experience the traditions of the country while having your holiday.

Il Palio – Tuscany, Italy
(2 July and 16 August)


Il Palio is a horse race that held on July 2 and August 16 with ten horses and riders, dressed in appropriate colours and bareback. This race doesn’t have strict rules, jockeys are allowed to do most of the thing to their competitors. This race that last not more than a minute and a half, mostly has the riderless winning horse.

Festival De Tango – Buenos Aires, Argentina
(second half of August)


It’s impossible not to think about tango when you heard about Buenos Aires as they are insparable. Throughout this 10 days festival, you can see some of the worldwide known tango dancers from around the world to perform their dances. And also you will have chance to get free classes for beginners.

La Tomatina – Valencia, Spain
(last Wednesday in August)


Ready for tomato fight? A small town named Bunol is helding the world’s greatest tomato fight. 140 tones of tomatoes are taken to the battle field named Plaza del Pueblo for 30,000 visitors. This interesting festival first started in 1945.

Notting Hill – London, England
(last Sunday and Monday in August)

Notting Hill

This carnival is taken place on the streets of Notting Hill since 1966 and led by the West Indian community members. It’s one of the world’s largest street festival with its samba dancers, costumes and calypso.

Burning Man – Gerlach, Nevada
(first Monday in September)


This festival takes its name from the burning large wood in shape of a human. It’s described as an experiment in community, participation, self-expression. It also includes theatrical performers and music festivals.

Elvis Week – Memphis, USA
(one week around 16 August)


Every anniversary of Elvis Presley’s death in Graceland to memorialize him, there are some treasure hunts, film and music nights, screeings of some classics like Viva Las Vegas.

Edinburgh International Festival
(last three weeks in August)


If you are in love with art, it’s a perfect festival for you with its castles, Georgian townhouses and Gothic closes. With opera, theatre and classical music, Edinburgh will turn into a citywide artwork. You should go preapared because most probably you will miss a very big part of the programme and if you don’t have ticket, don’t worry there will also plenty of entertaintments
on the street.


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