3 Beautiful City & 3 Different Theme by our destination experts

Ok summer is about to finish and all of us got bored from the sunny beaches and millions of such photos. So i will suggest you 3 alternative destinations may be you would like to visit and get different memories from below fairytale places. 


1 . Colmar, France  – > City of wine, also known as small venice.. If you are planning a romantic stay, Colmar would be a great choice for you. Like a painting ? City will be so popular in next years so it would be a good idea to visit Colmar before it is too crowded 🙂 


2. CAPPADOCIA, TURKEY  ->  If there was a fairy tale about the enchanted land of clay, its setting would look like Cappadocia.  Unique rock formation in which the ancient people carved out their houses and churches. The region is also home to the odd-looking rock formations called “fairy chimneys” that can be found in various shapes such as cones, mushroom-like forms, columns and pointed rocks. The tradition of pottery and ceramics in Turkey is one of the world’s oldest crafts, dating back to the 8th century. Also the city will offer you cheap accomodation, food and various place to see. 

 3. BADEN BADEN, GERMANY – > The word, Baden, translates as “bathing, to bathe or baths”.  Gives you an idea about the city ? Ok i am suggesting you a whole town for making outdoor sports ( summer for golf & hiking / winter skiing ) then you need spa the town will give you exactly what you need 🙂 







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