5 Reasons to Visit São Paulo


São Paulo, the largest city of Brasil, is a metropol which has a population around 20 million. São Paulo is one of the richest cities in the southern hemisphere, though inequality between the classes typically observed in Brazil is obvious. The main airport of the metropol is Guarulhos Airport and every year Brasil attract an average of 5.6 million tourists. To book your rooms online now, Galahotels.com/São Paulo offers the best rates with 3D secure payments.

We have determined top 5 reasons to travel to São Paulo and each one is even enough to visit the city.

Reason #1: Shop till you drop: In the metropol, you can either shop at malls or fancy streets. The city is full of malls and shops which sell at really low prices. Especially shoes are very affordable. Fashionistas from all over the continent come to São Paulo for the clothes, shoes, and accessories.In Jardins, centering on Rua Oscar Freire, double-parked Mercedes-Benzes and BMWs point the way to the city’s fanciest stores, which sell leather, jewelry, antiques, and art. When you start shopping around the city, we bet you lose yourself and end up with penniless.

Reason #2: Glorious Food: Along with Brazil’s well-known beer and coffee, we can tell you that there are approximately 12.500 restaurants in São Paulo and they serve wide rande of world cuisines, especially the most frequent ones are Portuguese and Japanese. If you want to try something national, head to a Brazilian restaurant and order for feijoada—the national dish of black beans and pork. Also on the streets and subways, you can easily find pão de queijo -something like cheesy bread balls- which is cheap and popular.


Reason #3: Live Music: The most popular Brazilian music are Samba and Bossa Nova, enjoy the music that flows through the streets and can be heard around every corner—dance, sing, or just take in the ambience. On weekends you’ll find MPB, samba, and pagode (similar to samba but with pop-music elements) in clubs throughout the city—many operating from early afternoon to early evening and served by feijoada or other meals.

Reason #4: Hopping Night Life: São Paulo’s night life options are endless, bars of all styles are ready for the thirsty traveler—fulfill your thirst with a cold beer or strong caipirinha. The chic and wealthy clubs and bars are in the Vila Olímpia, Jardins, and Itaim. Pinheiros and Vila Madalena have a plenty of youthful clubs and bars. If you’re looking for gay and lesbian spots, Brasil is the right place, just visit Jardins and Centro.

Reason #5: Football: The fame of Brasil in football is undeniable and in São Paulo, football is played everywhere. The four main teams—Corinthians, São Paulo, Palmeiras, and Santos—attract fans from other states. If you want to witness a real Brazilian football, just buy your tickets and enjoy the game.

We bet these five reasons are enough to plan a travel to São Paulo, a travel which will satisfy you in many ways; The football, exciting night life, beautiful music, Brazilian food and affordable shopping.

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