Barcelona, Barcelona


Think of a city full of art, history, unusual architecture and other than these, romantic and totally fun! The city is a mixture of two cultures, Catalan and Spanish, which makes its unique architecture, delicious food, beautiful beaches and above all, its special character and culture.
In this article, you’re going to read what you can do in 24 hours in this masterpiece, Barcelona. To book online now:

09:00 As you start early, we recommend you to open the day in a tapas restaurant. On Passeig de Gràcia you can find several tapas restaurants, and each one serves delicious and affordable tapas. Delicious and diverse types of sandwiches can be found easily, too. Baby squids are recommended. After the breakfast, take a walk on Passeig de Gràcia, a well known -after La Rambla- strret in which famous brands are located.

10:00 As you continue your ride on Passeig de Gràcia, you can see Casa Battló and Casa Milà which are located close. These unique buildings by Gaudican look a bit freeky but they are a must-see in Barcelona. They are one of the most remarkable works of Antoni Gaudi and you can tour these with a small fee.

11:00 Take the metro and go to Parc Güell, one of the most beautiful icons of the city. This is not a usual park, built by Gaudi, full of gardens and colorful and unique architectural work. It has a perfect view of the city, and there are 2 buildings at the enterence which looks like made of sugar and you wanna eat them 🙂 You can enjoy a fantastic green walk surrounded by a modernist works at Parc Güell.

12:00 Take off the metro at Sagrada Familia and now it’s time for the most popular icon of the city, designed by Antoni Gaudi again and the construction still continues. When you want to take a photo, the building doesn’t fit your pose since it is giant structure. Inside the church is naturalist, resembles of a forest. You can pay extra fee to tour the towers and enjoy a magnificent city view. For hotels near Sagrada Familia click

13:00 As you get hungry, take the metro again and go to Catalunya. Plaza Catalunya is the main and larges square of Barcelona and several main streets are connected to it. you can find well-known shop called El Corte Ingles around the square. You can connect the main street of Barcelona, La Rambla. You can eat at various restaurants on the street. La Poma is an option-Try Paella.

14:30 After lunch, take a walk down La Rambla (it gets hard to resist when it smells delicious waffles) and you’ll see Mercat-La Boquera on your right. This is a big marketplace where you can find various kinds of fresh meat, fish, pork, fruits etc. Connect to Carrer de Montcada to visit Picasso Museum. You pay a fee to enter the museum and there, original masterpieces of Pablo Picasso are exhibited. Taking photos are prohibited.

16:00 You can plan a visit to Park de la Ciutadella which is no far from  Picasso. The park is enormous, there, you can see the Arc de Triomphe, take a walk around or visit the zoo.


17:00 Take a taxi and visit Castell de Montjuic. This place is on a hill and has a view of the coastline and the city. You can tour the castle and take some photos. Drink a coffee while enjoying the landscape.

18:00 Afterwards, visit the Marina; This place is totally peaceful, all you should do is walk across the bridges and sit on a bench to watch the sunset. There isL’aquarium Barcelona behind the marina, and you can visit the penguins, jaws, squids and more.

19:30 Walk down to Av. Portal de L’Angel to visit Santa Maria del Mar church. Light a candle and make a wish. After your visit, you can tour the street since there are various shops on both sides.

21:00 We strongly recommend you to make a reservation at Los Caracoles – a well-known fish and steakhouse. Prices are a bit high but it really worths! If you want some tapas, Mushroom salad is delicious. Order a good wine and enjoy your gourmet dinner.

22:30 As the night continues and you want to move on, visit Plaça Reial which is too close to Los Caracoles, at night it gets really crowded with people having fun, laughing talking and of course, drinking! Order something cool and enjoy the night.

00:00 As you drink, you need more music and Sutton is the right place to go. So crowded and full of beautiful people, the Sutton club is located at posh Calle Tusset in the Gothic Quarter and is open from Thursday to Saturday from midnight until 5am. Or if you want a rooftop, visit W Hotel with its beautiful scene.

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