Argentina Travel Guide


At the Southeastern coast of South America lays Argentina – the land of large plains, sharp mountains, dense rainforests, glamorous glaciers and powerful waterfalls. Argentina has something to give for every type of traveller, offering a South American must-visit attractions. We prepared a list for top things to do in Argentina, from extreme adventures to one in a million natural wonders.

1. Iguazú Falls

If you’re thinking of a destination “to see before you die”, Iguazú Waterfalls ranks nearly top of the list. This view and sound cannot be compared with any other, which is placed on 2,250 square kilometres of parkland, linking with Brazil. Totally 275 waterfalls build up a river. To explore the falls comprehensively, you should probably take a boat trip which is unmissable. Organasing your trip during a full moon is suggested, which is organised by the park itself. To book your rooms online near Iguazú Falls, just check


2. A Walk with Penguins in Punto Tombo

Península Valdés, covered with sand and gravel for 3 kilometers, is home for the world’s largest Magellanic penguin colony. Approximately 500,000 penguins arrive there between September-March to reproduce. Tours are organised to witness this natural beauty. The reserve is also home to guanacos, choique and seabirds such as cormorants and petrels. Trelew is the nearest city yo Punto Tombo and you can easily check available hotels online at


3. The Rhythm of the Latin

Tango is one of the world’s most sophisticated dances, so you can see couples dancing tango everywhere in Argentina. It’s so sexy, you’ll be fired up enough to make it through that long Argentinian nights. Go on, give it a try in its homeland.


4. Argentinian Beef

Just try Argentinan beef along with a bottle of wine. Bife de Chorizo and Bife de Costillais well known beefs in the country. In Buenos Aires, Don Julio is a recommendation, in Rosario: La Estancia, and in Las Sierras de Córdoba: El Faro is recommended To taste this delicious food.


5. Buenos Aires

Not only being the capital and largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is one of the world’s most alive cities with outstanding art, fabulous food and passionate population blazingly addicted to having fun all night long. The Palermo Viejodistrict is a trendy neighborhood with charming cobblestone streets, bookstores, bars, and boutiques, La Boca is another district where you can see colorful metal buildings to snap. Avenida 9 de Julio is the widest avenue in the world. So this makes it a must-see in Argentina. To enjoy online reservations with 3D Secure payments, check our rooms online


6. The Cementerio de la Recoleta

This is where all the rich families in Buenos Aires have their final resting places. Expect to see big ornate tombs. Be sure to visit the tomb of Eva Perón, the daughter of an aristocrat and beloved First Lady who, despite having the most visited tomb in the cemetery, is considered by many to be too close toward the people for eternal interment in


7. A March at Glacier Perito Moreno 

Among the Earth’s most dynamic and accessible ice fields, Glaciar Perito Moreno is the stunning natural wonder of the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. It measures 30km long, 5km wide and 60m high, but what makes it exceptional in the world of ice is its constant advance – up to 2m per day, causing building-sized icebergs to calve from its face. In some ways, watching the glacier is a very sedentary park experience, but it manages to nonetheless be thrilling. You can also make a trekking on the ice with an organisation.


8. Mendoza Wine Tours

The small town of Maipú, near  Mendoza, is so packed with wineries, olive oil farms and other gourmet businesses that it’s easy to hit five or six in a day. Try a “vino-therapy” bath or grape-seed exfoliation in the spa. All in all, this is a gentle start to explore the Mendoza region and all it has to offer in terms of winery tours, hiking, rafting and horse riding. To check available rooms online, 


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