Best Ideas for Halloween 2014

As the Halloween comes closer, new plans start to be composed. Whether you are in New York or Capetown, there are hundreds of events where you can celebrate this creepy funny party. Here is a mini list of events for you to enjoy Halloween between 30 October-1 November 2014. Get on down this Halloween– it’s the one occasion when your scary dance moves are acceptable.image
1. New York
There’s more to Halloween in NYC than ghosts, ghouls, costumes and candy! NYC offers the best Halloween parties with events, shows, parties, parades and scariest haunted houses. Halloween Howl, Halloween Murder Mystery, Thrills the World, Halloween Costume Parade and Party, Annual Halloween Party at New Museum and Haunted Mansion Party is going to hit this year’s Halloween.

2. Amsterdam
The Underworld Halloween Costume Party & Festival, Fox Halloween Parade & Party, Night of the Living Dead & Halloween Hairball, Freak Circus: Haunted House are the main events occurring in Halloween-Amsterdam. It seems that Amsterdam’s gonna be hot once more on October

3. Madrid
In Madrid The Warner Park and Parque de Atracciones are those that celebrate the best Halloween parties in Madrid. Put on your most scariest costumes and attend these creepy parties in the capital city of

4. Berlin
On October 31, Berlin seems to be dreadful with its events; Filmpark Babelsberg, Kulturbrauerei,  the Boat Trip of Horror and Tierpark Berlin. The boat trips, parties and concerts are worth attending as October is one of the best times to enjoy Berlin.

5. Istanbul
Being an international and intercultural city, Istanbul celebrates this Halloween once again with its thrilling and crazy night parties. Halloween Night Party at Valentin, Halloween Party at Garajistanbul, Propaganda Istanbul and Mental Hospital at 360 Moda are the top events upcoming on October

6. Paris
This year, the biggest Halloween event in Paris will be at Disneyland. Become suitably spooked, as Disneyland Paris becomes happily haunted for Halloween with cheerful chills around every corner. You can also visit a ”ghost tour,” calledMysteries of Paris. Also Père Lachaise is a choice where you can capture the freaky spirit.

7. London
Before being too cold for London, Halloween would be a good reason to visit the city. Halloween Raveyard, Vamp and Vampire Ball, The Mexican Death Disco, Halloween Festival Twisted Circus and Halloween Special at Egg London is celebrating the night lunatic through

8. Shanghai
Among the glamorous city lights of Shangai, celebrating Halloween would exactly be one of the best things to do in the city. Night Of The Walking Dead Crawl-Halloweek, Halloween Pub Crawl and Halloween Weekend Run are the top events occuring in October 31. This will exactly be flashy and wild!

9. Melbourne
Halloween Extravaganza at Elsternwick Cricket Club, Halloween Festival at Coal Creek, Korumburra, True Blood – Halloween by Top Shelf Entertainment and Halloween Cemetery Night Tour in Melbourne are the best things you can do in Melbourne and maybe in Australia. Get your crazy costumes and attend one of the parties to get your groove on!

10. Capetown
As being one of the most beautiful cities, Capetown will be celebrating this Halloween with Halloween Party at La Med,  Shortstraw Halloween Party, Sugary Treats & Wine Pairing and The Halloween Slaughter. Don’t ever hessitate if you desire to catch the real spirit of this amusing traditional party, Capetown would be the right place.

The events are all ok but do you have a costume yet? How about being the High school horror zombie cheerleader, He-Man, a Ghost Buster or an Oktoberfest beer maid in Halloween? This year, Halloween will be on October 31, and the excitement of choosing a costume has started. We have plenty of ideas for your unique costumes for the party, and each one can be easily found in the spots selling costumes.

1. If you want something deadly,                                        


2. A cartoon hero,

3.Something more yummy,image

4. Maybe an event symbol,image

5. Or a Flasback is your style.image

These are the trends of Halloween costumes for 2014 and top 10 cities where you can celebrate this traditional thrilling party are specified. The only thing you should do is get your costumes, plan your route and attend the parties, parades and shows. You can easily book your rooms at with3D Secure Payment and Best Rate Guarantee! Happy Freaky Halloween 🙂


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