Best Destinations to Travel Alone

Are you the one that can not put up with your friends or family’s whims and enjoy traveling alone? Do you wonder the peace and tranquility to travel by oneself? Or are you fed up with people jam and just wanna rest your head for a couple of days? If the answer is “YES”, then we have a few hints for lonely travelers. If you want to travel where you wanna go, where you wanna be, to live the experience that you want to try, we have 8 great offers!

1. Melbourne, Australiaimage

Melbourne is one of the worlds most assertive cities, it is full of energy with it’s beautiful beaches and night life. Melbourne is a perfect spot to travel since, Australia is one of the most secure places in the world – Their mother tongue is English so you’ll have no difficulty in getting on. Traveling in Melbourne is easier than you think, you can tour the city on foot or by bike.

2. Thailand


Thailand is especially perfect for woman travellers because there is no sex discrimination in Buddhism. It is a perfect travel spot since; local people are very gentle and hospitable –  it is ideal for you if you have a narrow budget – there is too much to offer from long silent beaches to crazy Bangkok night.

3. Costa Rica


If you are an adventurous person, Costa Rica is ideal for you; surf, volcanos, and many more extreme activities. Also it will make you fall in love with its helpful and warm people. it is a perfect spot for you just because, you wont have any time to feel alone since adventures full of adrenalin takes off your breathe –  Costa Rica is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, so it is a perfect place to stay quiet.

4. Hong Kong, China


Other than being one of the worlds biggest cities, Hong Kong will fascinate you with its beautiful gardens full of Zen and tranquility. What makes it a ideal spot to visit is; Hong Kong is one of the most secure places in the world, it is a blend of East and West cultures, there is too much to do and too much to see that the city is ready to take you in!

5. Cusco, Peru


Known as the capital of Inka Civilization, Cusco is a hot spot for curious explorers and travellers. Specific locals with regional clothings are the most attractive part of Cusco, Peru. It is a ideal travel spot since, Cusco is the part of Inka Civilizations lost city Machu Picchu – It is one of the most precious part of South America archeologically.

6. Aran Islands, Irlandimage

Aran islands are a group of 3 island located on the west of Ireland. You should visit Aran islands for a real Ireland esperience. It would be a perfect spot to visit because, the region is safe, an ideal point for bicycle fans, it hosts the most solemn castle of iron age and it is a unique experience if you are looing for perfect scenes. You can visit the island with an transfer from Galway

7. Malaysia


It is one of the most secure points to travel in Asia. Malaysia is the most efficacious point if you are looking for a stable exotic experience. What makes it a great match for travelers is tha it is one of the most technologically developed parts of Asia, it’s calender is full of different festivals and events, Borneo and Kuala Lumpur is a must to see before you die!

8. Bali, Indonesia


The yoga, organic gardens, spa’s and silent beaches make Bali a perfect match for spiritual people. With it’s visually devastating nature, it has a perfect dynamic which makes it the most touristic part of Endonesia. Why is it a perfect spot to travel? Because; You can meet colorful people there, since it is a Hindu island, it is ideal for relaxing and spiritual movements.


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