5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Portofino

543928_portofino_italiya_gorod_5571x3048_(www.GdeFon.ru)Portofino, a colorful bay in Italian Riviera is one of the top places to visit in Genoa, Italy that is Europe’s largest historical center which is authentic in every detail. Portofino has its own soul different than other cities in Italy, that every traveller should experience and enjoy and the places where you’ll love to get are very easy to reach. Genoa, especially Portofino has a great position for some daytrips, with plenty of attractions worth seeing. Local people during the weekend love to get around these places and relax.


Everyone knows the famous Portofino and I know that many of you plan their holiday to Italy including this village on their “places to see” list. But, I bet some of you search also for a non-touristy Portofino to add to their list of destinations to visit in Italy. As you read the blog, you can get some idea why the real love is found in Portofino. Wtih different aspects of the village like its beaches, natural parks, hiking places, underwater beauties or wine, you can easily fall in love and never want to leave it.

1.Astonishing Beaches

One of the most closest beaches to Portofino is Paraggi Beach and it is well known for its clear blue water and soft sands. Paraggi is an enchanting little bay with an emerald color sea and an astonishing landscape. This is a perfect place for those searching for relax, sunny days, beautiful sea. Here is well preserved the red coral.

San Fruttuoso

San Fruttuoso

Not to be missed while in Portofino is a trip to the stunning San Fruttuoso di Camogli bay. This unique place can be reached just by foot through hiking paths or by boat. Here the crystal water has a beautiful emerald color. The Abbey and the Saracen Tower overlooking the bay give it a magical atmosphere.


2. Hiking in the Natural Park

In a two hours period, you can easily take the Monte di Portofino’s top -approximately 600 m- The views from the the top are splendid: you can see the two bays around the promontory, from the Bay of Tigullio to Sestri Levante, from Paradise Bay to the island of Bergeggi and, in the distance, the French island of Corsica, one of the largest in the Mediterranean. The peaceful Parco Naturale Regionale di Portofino, the natural park of Mount Portofino overlooks to a splendid view of this beautiful destination.

Portofino_Coast-Portofino-veduta_aerea3. The Joy of Diving

This is the ideal environment for numerous species of fish and mollusks. Swimming in these limpid waters is magnificent for the red coral and groupers peeking out of their dens.

The statue of the “Christ of the Abyss” is one of the most famous and visited underwater sites on earth, accessible to divers and snorkeler. The bronze statue is placed in a bay in the cove of S. Fruttuoso at 17 meters underwater, every day it welcomes divers with its open arms.


4. Tasting the Heroic Wines

No trip to Italy would be complete without sampling the fine cuisine and wine. When you recall some famous wine regions, Tuscany may be the first that comes to mind. But have you tried the wines of Liguria? In certain areas of Liguria, such as Cinque Terre, harvesting is done just by hand and the grapes are transported in baskets on the shoulders of the farmers. But, all this effort is rewarded because the result obtained are small quantities of wines which are precious, particular and can be distinguished by other Italian wines. If you don’t want to get that much far, you can try Monterosso wines, which can be reaced by boat from Portofino.


5. The Magnetic View of Portofino

You can take a boat or ferry tour to see the coastline of Portofino so that you can view the whole place from the sea. This magical scenery takes you in and you never want to leave. There are taxi boats or ferry tours departing from the coast, and these tours are affordable. You can take the tour with either your loved one or family, buy a bottle of wine, enjoy this beautiful splendid colors of Portofino, the green woods and crystal clear sea makes you fall in love with the village.

Hafen in Portofino, Provinz Genua, Ligurien, Italien

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Village of Portofino


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