Punta Cana Takes Your Breath Away


Punta Cana is the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic. The area is best known for its beaches and balnearios, which face both the Caribbean and Atlantic, and it has been a popular tourist destination since the 1970s. The name Punta Cana refers to the cane palms in the region, and literally means “Tip of the White Cane Palms”. In Dominican Republic, there are 8 international airports and one if Punta Cana International Airport. In the destination, tropical climate is dominating and the sky is mostly sunny.


Punta Cana with its swaying palm trees and clear Caribbean waters is a favorite of Europeans and North Americans. It is famous for its sunny climate and miles of white sand beaches. So, everything in Punta Cana means “beach”. This district has 21-mile length of coastline with white sand and a beach with extraordinary beauty. Along with a Pina Colada, there wont be a better place to daydream through the vast waters of the ocean. Families, couples, groups of friends, solo holidaymakers … there is enough atmosphere to have a great holiday in Punta Cana for everyone. More than 30 “all inclusive” system resorts and hotels that serves is located in Punta Cana, one of the nation’s fastest growing region …


In Punta Cana there are many things to do, no time to get bored. You can visit Samana by plane, try horseback riding, truck safari and Island tour and if that wasn’t enough you can also get to visit a magnificent natural waterfall. You can attend a Zip line canopy tour, make snorkeling in its crystal clear waters, explore its mysterical caves. You can also swim with dolphins which is a must do before you die! At nights, if you feel lucky, you can visit a casino to play poker or roulette.

Stitched Panorama

From October to December the temperature changes between 28 to 26 degrees in the morning and the heat of the sea water is approximately 26 degrees. This place is one of the destinations which you used to see in photos over internet in captions like “most beautiful beaches in the world”. Punta Cana is totally a dreamland. There are almost 90 hotels in this holiday spot, which is a dreamland one by one. To talk about after midnight, the most popular nightclub is Mangu Discotheque and Arieto. Also a new and hot spot, Imagine is another option.


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