World’s Top Nightlife Cities

Some of the people travel to find peace and rest, but some of us travel to have totally fun! Travelling won’t meet its meaning if you don’t appraise it with celebration, to exchange our cultures we must also see the cities at night, even in the midnight. Night is the night when you clink your glasses with “Salud!” or “Cheers!” Here is the list of top ten cities to make your nights a real discharging night with its quality, level of fun, people, music and most importantly; long lasting partying.

#10 Bangkok

The experience in a Bangkok night has full points and the people and music makes your pleasure double. Nights last long in Bangkok and every traveller should experience at least for once. You should never make a mistake like skipping to spend a midnight in Bangkok during your visit. Whether it’s a series of gorgeous rooftop hotel bars downtown, rock bars near Ratchathewi, dance clubs just off Sukhumvit or trendy pubs in Thlonglor and Ekamai, there’s always legitimate, quality adventure to be had in Bangkok.

Stitched Panorama

#9 Buenos Aires

In Buenos Aires, the weekend starts on Monday. In the Palermo neighborhood, Bar el Taller hosts plays, music shows and art exhibitions. Hours spent at night are longer there, the people are mostly qualified. The Paris of the South, Buenos Aires puts a New World spin on the insane Spanish practice of eating dinner at midnight and then dancing until dawn. To experience a fine night there, start with the calmer bars of Recoleta and work your way up to the taverns of Palermo Hollywood.


#8 Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the cities where you can both have quality long lasting crazy nights and a good experience with fine people. Vegas attracts all sorts, with venues like the Marquee Nightclub at The Cosmopolitan. You can choose from variety of bars and clubs like Marquee, XS, Tao — but what’s impossible there is that it’s hard to have a bad night out in Vegas.


#7 Montreal

Cold winters, hot nightclubs. This is the phrase that best summarizes the nightlife in Montreal. Beautiful, friendly people, all night dancing to a wide variety of music. Although it is cold in winter, visiting a nightclub would be a good idea to sweat in Montreal, Canada. It is one of the top experiences to have in a foreign night with its festivals, bars, clubs and good music in distinguished places.


#6 Barcelona

In Barcelona, clubs don’t get going until 1 a.m. Althought it is the most popular venue, the first rule of Barcelona is that you don’t stay on Las Ramblas. Ipanema Club has dancing and fancy cocktails over the Puerto Olimpico marina. Clubs don’t get going until well past 1 a.m. each day. Most of the top clubs are scattered throughout the northern part of the city. If you want to meet someone after the dawn, Row 14 doesn’t get going until 6 a.m. For a birds eye view to Barcelona, try the roof of W Hotel.


#5 London

In London, there’s fantastic music every night. The Wheel Barrow pub is one of more than 500 venues that hosts live music. The music quality reaches to top levels in London and the nights last long which makes it a good experience to have. You can enjoy fantastic music almost any night of the week here. And there will always be the pubs.


#4 Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is the most unluckiest on this list. Often overshadowed by its more beautiful and glamorous sister, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo is actually the cultural center of Brazil. The city’s glory isn’t recognized until arrival.The place isn’t beautiful, but dig into the sprawling concrete mass and you’ll find greater diversity and intensity on a nightly basis than almost any other place in the world. Club Yacht has electronic music in a nautical-themed setting. Best place to dance with a hot Brazilian until he/she has to go straight to work: D-Edge on a Thursday after 1 a.m.


#3 New York City

It’s not true that the “city never sleeps,” but New York scores big because it offers something on any night of the week. Gramercy Theater often hosts music marathons for those wanting to dance.Warehouse parties in Brooklyn, mega-clubs in Meatpacking, trendy hipster groups in the East Village, hotel lounges, college bars, indie rock shows, loft parties, hip hop and jazz, heavy metal and opera — there’s almost no limit to the ways this city entertains you. Meatpacking District is a must to visit.


#2 Berlin

If a city’s mental health was determined by how many hours of the week its clubs weren’t active, Berlin would be a lunatic. The city’s waterways are lined with “beach” bars, such as Club der Visionare. Best place to experience the big-club vibe is Berghaim. If you can’t get in, try Watergate. Berlin deserves full points on long lasting nights and music, as well as an unforgettable experience.


#1 Ibiza

Every party hound must make a pilgrimage to Ibiza at least once.. Ibiza is nightclub Mecca. Venues, such as Pacha nightclub, aren’t clubs, they’re life experiences.  In Ibiza, you do beach parties during the day, hotel bars in the evening and dance to the best DJs in the world all night. Sleep is not recommended. Best place to have an out-of-body techno experience: The clubs in Ibiza Town are worth the extra expense.


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