Helsinki: The Finnish Beauty


Republic of Finland is surrounded by  Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothonia, Gulf of Finland which is between Russia and Sweden  also in the northern of European, is a Scandinavian country.  Finland includes thousands of  islands and lakes, which is matchless country with its vegetation cover and animal World. Helsinki is the capital city of Finland which is also the most crowded city located in South of the country. The capital town is the center of governance, political and ministerial city of the country. Helsinki is a unique sea town who has kilometers of coast line. Financial, cultural and economic center of Finland is Helsinki.


    “Helsinki Lutheran Cathedral”

There is no such city in Europe that has both a beautiful nature and a long long coastline more than Helsinki.Helsinki is a city that is generated by nature, sea and history.  Finland’s surface area is 686 square kilometers but 501 square kilometers of its area is sea so most of the central regions of the capital city is near seaside. Because of this, Helsinki was named as the “Girl of  Baltic Sea”. From seaside to centre, Helsinki attracts attention and it has as green as a grass flora who has 300 islands and amazing coast coves. Helsinki’s forests cover 3800 hectares field whose parks spread  on 1800 hectares region,  triumphant islands, modern architectural constructions, bazaars, monuments and mumerous museums which makes Helsinki visitors experience unforgetable moments.

Helsinki tourism destinations

  “Helsinki Main Street”

 The most famous park is Kaivopuisto, adopting its name from Kaivopuisto distirict, which is in the city centre. The main purpose of locals to visit this park is for tanning, picnicing, arranging any sport activities.

        ” Port of Kaivopuisto “

Linnanmaki is one of the popular entertainment venues of Helsinki. In this park, there are 30 different types of entertainment vehicles, passages, game centers, kiosks, buffets, restaurants, open-air theatres and more other entertainment alternatives.

Linnanmaki fun fair center

       “Linnanmaki Fun Fair Center”

Senate Square ( Senaatintori ) is the official centre of the city which resembles of a small Russia. Temppeliaukio Church is one of the best types of Finnish architecture which is in Helsinki. An example of the Lutherian Church was made from hard carved rocks which was built by Timo and Tuomo Soumalainen architects.


        “The Senate Square in Helsinki”

Suomenlinna is a sea fortress , which was built on six islands that is visited by millions of people every year. Sea fortress is one of the world habitages of UNESCO which has a natural atmosphere, picnic sites and local popular spots so it is “the top destination in Helsinki”.


     “Helsinki Silhouette as Seen From Suomenlinna”

  “Suomenlinna Houses”


       “Suomenlinna Sea Fortress”

     “Uspenski Cathedral in Suomenlinna”

Helsinki is a museum heaven. Finland National Museum ( Kansallismuseo ) testifies from The Stone Age to modern-day serving a rich collection to its visitors. The museum resembles a Gothich church with itself walls and tower. Collection of Kiasma Modern Arts Museum comes into prominence on to reverberate Finnish and world art in 1960-1990 era. Mannerheim museum, Seurasaari Open-Air Museum, Finland Sport Museum are counted examples of some museums in the city.

 “Helsinki Olympiad Stadium”

      “Finland National Museum – Kansallismuseo”

  ” Kiasma Museum of Modern Art”


 “Finnish  National Theatre”

Moreover, Helsinki is also a cultural capital city. The city’s some of the prime activities are dance, theatre, music and cinema.

The city has three main theatres. Finnish National Theatre was built in 1872 which is in the city centre and near the southest Helsinki’s Central Railway Station. It is the oldest theatre of Finland. Helsinki City Theatre and Finland Sweden Svenska Theatre are other big theatres of the town.


 “Finland Sweden Svenska Theatre”

Finnish National Opera and Finnish Concert Hall are located on the main art centers of Helsinki. Big Open-Air Concerts are organized in central parks and Helsinki Olympiad Stadium.


  “Finnish National Opera”

National Gallery ( Ateheneum ) in the city centre has the widest classical monument collection of Finland. Tableauxes bewitched to visitors who belonges to Vincent Van Gogh, Gaugin and Cezanne.  The Fine Arts Academy is a cultural constitution, which gives theoric and practical educations, respected as the highest university degree in the country.

“National Gallery – Ateheneum “

Helsinki Festival is an annual cultural and arts festival of Finland which is arranged every year on August month. Valon Voimat is known as Forces of Light, being organized in winter months whose artistic value is great. Thus, Vappu is celebrated by students and workers in  30 April- 1 May.


           “Preparations for the Festival”


      “Helsinki Festival”

Helsinki is also one of the matchless cities with its nature and animals living freely in their natural environments. It offers variable activities with its forests, entertainment parks, funfairs, sport and natural activities, beaches, to visitors expecting to rest and finding peace in their vacations. Helsinki has more than 300 islands and seaside lies all along for kilometers that is convenient for activities like swimming and tanning in beaches especially congregate in Heitaniemi, Uunisaari, Suomenlinna and Pihlajasaari.

“Hietaniemi Beach Geese”

   “Heitaniemi Beach in Night”

 “Pihlajasaari Beach”

  “Beach in Uunisaari”

Helsinki offers various entertainment with it’s party, cafe and dance bars every now and then. This entertainment can be easily found everywhere in the city.

Finland’ the best cosmopolite restaurants are located in Helsinki. At the same time, Helsinki has so many restaurants and open-air food and beverages places which are spreaded in the city, also it represents local and world cuisines. People who taste different Finnish meals experience one of the best experiences on behalf of “taste”. In this city, vegetarian, seafoods, meat dishes (shortly  every taste) are prepared according to all gourmets. Cafes, bars, clubs and the other numerous locations serves all kinds of beverages.

Vanha Kauppahalli is the best place, which is in the city centre that introduces seafoods and dishes of Finnish and Asian cuisine. Eating something on plastic chairs and tables is considerably a popular thing and in “To Do List in Helsinki”.


       “Vanha Kauppahalli “

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