Why travel United Arab Emirates?


As we stepped officially in to winter novadays, people are searching for somewhere warm. The United Arab Emirates or U.A.E, located on the Arabian peninsula is one of the top places relatively warmer on Northern Hemisphere, which makes it a top destination for most of the tourists. With it’s extraordinary and modern buildings, and its mysterious deserts, the UAE offers some kind of a wonderland for its visitors. Having clean and neat streets and an advanced environments, this country is dynamic and modern at it’s top.

Get ready to have an unfamiliar vacation in this Emirates land, with its large valleys, vast deserts and extraordinary clothed rich locals. Contrary to popular belief, you can buy and find alcohol in emirates, can ride on camels, go diving, have a city view in the tallest building in the world, visit the magnificent beaches, go on a safari in a 4×4 or have a henna tattoo like most of the Arabian.


The weather in this later-built wonderland is quite pleasant from late October through mid-March, with high temperatures ranging from around 27°C ( 85°F) to lows around 15°C ( 63°F). It is almost always sunny. While travelling keep in mind that in the cities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, taxis are widely available. They are relatively cheap in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. A ride to anywhere within the city of Abu Dhabi will cost approximately US$10, as they charge solely by distance traveled.

To talk about it’s people, the population is incredibly diverse and almost everyone can speak English.  On the other hand, there are elements that would be unsettling for overseas travelers, such as fully veiled women, but as this is “their way”, tourists should show respect and will be offered the same in turn.

The currency is UAE Dirham which is equal to 0.27$ or 0.22€ and the crime rate is extremely low in the United Arab Emirates, although of course one must use common sense. Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah are the biggest emirates in UAE, which we will discuss in order now.

1- Abu Dhabi

abu d

As well as being the capital of the UAE, it is the most populous city in the UAE. Abu Dhabi is also built on a desert that you wont believe how come they succeeded this green environment. In 2007,  Abu Dhabi is chosen as the richest city in the world. The must see’s in Abu Dhabi are Sheikh Zayed Mosque(above), The Corniche with its beautiful beaches facing the Indian Ocean, and the camel races held every now and then. To talk about dishes, a popular favorite is grilled chicken, available at most of the open-air cafeterias by the roadside which can be relished with other accompaniments like Khubz (Arabic Bread), hummus, etc., and the most popular rice dish is Biriyani, with grilled chicken or fish or lamb. Traditional Shawarma and falafel sandwiches are readily available and are quite cheap and delicious.

2- Dubai


You can easily access from Abu Dhabi in 90 minutes to Dubai, the most common entry point for travelers, the transport and commerce center of the UAE. One of the things the UAE is most famous for is shopping. There are no sales taxes in the UAE, but it is very difficult to find any real bargains anymore as inflation is at an all-time high. If you are interested in shopping, you can’t leave the UAE without visiting Dubai. Dubai boasts the best places for shopping in the whole of the Middle East, especially during the annual shopping festival, usually from mid-January to mid-February. Top places to see in Dubai are Jumeirah — much favoured by Europeans due to the ease of access of the beach, Beautiful villas are seen here. Jumeirah Beach, Jumeirah Beach Residence’s the Walk and Jumeirah Mosque are the top attractions—, Al Ahmadiya School, Jumeirah Mosque, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Palm Islands and The Dubai Fountain.  The Zoos, Parks, Aquariums, Golfing and Balloons are very popular attractions in Dubai, too. You can use the metro to get around.

3- Sharjah


A cheaper destination, dusty and chaotic in places but with its own unique charm, Sharjah is the 3rd largest city in UAE. Top destinations to see are, the Heritage area where you can find many museums, Art area especially Sharjah Art Museum, The Fish Market, King Faisal Mosque, Al-Qasba and Eye of the Emirates. Sharjah is home to numerous cultural events through the year, F1 Boat Races happen around the manmade island in the Buhaira Corniche sometime around December. Jetskiing is very famous around summer time in the Khalid Lagoon. As a meal idea Shawarma is a common dish in this area.


Why not visit one of the richest and gloriest cities in the world during these breezing winter days and have an opportunity to go back to your sunbathing summer days in de luxe beaches? The United Arab Emirates offers the luxury holiday opportunities with the best prices on Galahotels. For further information, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages about promotions, top deals, hottest destinations and worldwide events. Book from Galahotels, get 3% reward on everybooking, pay up to 70% off prices around the world hotels.


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