The Great Wall of China


Think of a construction that can be seen from space, which is called The Great Wall of China. Imagine that you are walking on these walls which are built thousands of years ago. This magnificent construction extends along the north-west of China and it is the longest defence wall of the World. It starts from gulf of Po Hay and reaches through the west, passing from Beijing, devindes the Huang-Ho river, and continues to south-west, crossing the Gobi desert.


What is the purpose of building the great walls? The shortest answer may be “defence”, but it has a more complicated history. The foundation of these walls are done by nearly 20 different kings of China. The kingdoms started to build these sets to defend themselves from eachother. The first emperor of China decided to close this area all along with defence walls that can not be overcomed. Qin Shi Huang started to lengthen the walls in BC 221 and it continued till AD 1600’s.


The total length of walls are 6000 km. but today only 2.500 kilometres of it can be viewed. The thickness and height of the walls differ, and contrary to the belief, whole of the construction is not built with marbles. In every 200 meters, there is a watch tower, and in every 9 kilometers, there is a light house. This ancient construction was chosen as one of the 7 Wonders of the World in 2007. It is also in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Why Discover Beijing?

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Beijing, sometimes called as Peking, is the capital of China and one of the most populous cities in the world. The population as of 2013 was 21,150,000. Beijing is the second largest Chinese city by urban population after Shanghai and is the nation’s political, cultural, and educational center.  The city is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, parks and gardens, tombs, walls and gates, and its art treasures and universities have made it a center of culture and art in China. Beijing has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites — the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, Ming Tombs, Zhoukoudian, Great Wall, and the Grand Canal. These are the reasons enough to buy your tickets and visit one of the oldest town alive!

Temple of Heaven – Beijing”

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2 thoughts on “The Great Wall of China

  1. THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA is known as one of the most famous wonders of the world. This destination is also visited millions of people from China as well as around the world every year. This wall across through grasslands, deserts, mountains and plateaus, stretching. It is also one of the longest walls all over the globe. This attraction is well known due to its architectural grandeur and historical significance till now.

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