Vilnius Tourist Travel Guide

What sets Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania different is it’s soul. The second name of Vilnius is “the City of a 100 Churches” and undoubtedly one of the first things you’ll notice is the formal beauty and amazing diversity of these structures whose deteriorating structure have been renovated, shining in baroque glory.


Vilnius was founded by Grand Duke Gediminas in the 14th century, and became an important centre for Lithuanian, Polish and Jewish people during World War II. Today Vilnius has it’s own unique character, other than well known European cities, looking to the future but never breaking off with it’s background.

“Old Town”
“The Gates of Dawn”

As it reflects its nickname, the diversity of the churches are amazing here. The first place to start your travel would be the Gates of Dawn, which is both the gate of the southern old city and keeper of one of the most sacred religious icons in all of Europe. The icon in question is a painting of The Holy Virgin which was immortalized by Polish/Lithuanian poet Adam Mickiewicz.

“Bell Tower and the Main Cathedral”

Ostra Brama (10)_jpg
“The Holy Virgin”

The other must see churches are Some must sees are The Church of Saint Peter and Paul (more the interior than the exterior), the Holy Spirit Russian Orthodox Church, St Anne’s and the Bernardine Church and finally the Main Cathedral and Bell Tower in the Cathedral Square.

“Hill of 3 Crosses”

The best way to take in the whole of the Vilnius cityscape is to climb the “Hill of Three Crosses”. The Three Crosses monument somehow gives the best panoramic view of all of Vilnius. If you are still wondering how many churches there actually are in this town, this spot is your best bet for start counting.

“Vilnius Old Town remains as it was hundreads of years ago”

The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with several interesting museums, lush parks, a historic university, a wealth of baroque churches, and myriad courtyards, many with cafés. Thirty kilometers west of Vilnius is the ancient town of Trakai, worth visiting for the famous castle found on the lake island.

“The Town of Trakai”

“St Anne’s and the Bernardine Church”

How to get there?

Vilnius likes to play hard and it needs some sacrifce to get this amazing city. People these days take Eurolines bus from either Warsaw or Riga depending which direction you are headed. And you can also use the railways to reach this magnificent town of historic churches which sets it a unique destination especially for faithful ones.


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