Pearls of Cuba: Havana & Varadero


Cuba, being an endlessly fascinating place, is the homeland of paradises; Havana and Varadero. Breathe-taking beaches, classic cars gliding, past faded colonial buildings and a population who dance on an endless ribbon of salsa and rum does of course exist in Cuba.

When to Visit Cuba?

The ideal time to visit is January to May, when it’s warm but uncrowded and there’s no threat of hurricanes. After Christmas is the peak time of Cubahavana1

Things Not to Miss: 

Havana Salsa Clubs – There is no better place than Havana to see the biggest salsa curcuit of the hottest dancers. As being the homeland of this popular dance, Havana is the right spot to experience it. Tropicana would absolutely be a good choice.
Varadero Beach – Spend time lazing about on the longest, most impressive beach in Cuba, its golden sand backed by palm trees and fronted by unruffled blue-and-green waters. The crystal clear ocean water are one in a million, along with the long, green palm trees. The scene is not from a movie scene or a postcard, all wonders you witness in Cuba are real.

Alquiler en La Habana
American Classical Cars – We used to see classical American cars driving on Cuba streets on postcards, movies or else. Ride around Havana or Varadero in one of Gran Car’s classic 1950s cars, a testament to both US engineering and Cuban ingenuity. Renting a classical car is affordable, and you can enjoy yourselves as you’re living in a Cuban postcard.

Old Havana – One of the most well-preserved colonial centres in the Americas, with perfectly restored centuries old buildings dotted throughout its narrow streets and historic plazas. Plaza de Armas is a must see, it is the oldest square of Havana, lined with royal palms. Catedral de San Cristóbal de la Habana is another exploring spot.

Malecón – The long sea drive of Havana is the meeting point of lovers, poets, philosophers and the city’s most soulful place. Must experience the potent during the sunset when the weak yellow light takes breathes away. Nothing would be more romantic or inspiring than Malecón around Cuba.
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