Miracle in the Sea: Underwater Sculptures

Many of us think art is something exhibited only on land, whereas there are many underwater sculptures located on the fresh sea beds, attracting thousands of visitors every year. They are too much that an underwater park is built by using the masterpieces.
2“Vicissitudes, a ring of 26 children holding hands located 5 metres down in Moilinere Bay, Grenada.”

British artist Jason deCaires Taylor is a skilled diver and photographer, but he dedicated his life to the most well-known mesmerising art he creates for the sea floor. His works are exhibited around Grenada shore, in the West Indies and Cancun, Mexico.

The Lost Correspondent, Grenada”

What’s interesting is, the material he uses to build the sculptures encourages coral inhabitation so that the sculptures slowly evolve. Every year, thousands of people dive in the freshing waters to visit and tour the underwater parks created by the artist.

“The Silent Evolution, created the largest underwater sculpture park in the world, Cancun, Isla Mujeres – Mexico”

Taylor’s art is like no other!
The mixture of sculptures start to evolve into a habitat for another living creatures, so it’s not only a space occupation, but also the real art.

“Sculpture started to evolve”

Sculptures are home to thousand species of lobsters, fishes and other creatures.

“The Last Supper, Punta Nizuc – Mexico”

Why not be the one diving to see the mesmerising beauty of these masterpieces?

“Christ of Abyss”

There are several underwater sculptures of Jesus Christ, which are located in the Mediterranean Sea near Portofino, Genoa, at the coast of St. George’s, Grenada, and at the coast of Key Largo, Florida.

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