Won’t Miss the Rio Carnival 2015, Will You?


If you missed Rio Carnival last year, here is a great opportunity to attend one more time. Rio Carnival, which is organized in Rio de Janeiro, is the most famous and considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day on the streets. This year, the carnival will be held during February 13 to February 18, 2015, and you still have time to book your flight and hotel.


One of the many main purposes of the Rio carnival parade is for samba schools to compete with their sisters samba-schools; this competition is the climax of the whole carnival festival in this city. The samba schools work to build the best floats, costumes, lyrics, aesthetics, to represent their themes, and to include the best music they can.

Danseuse de carnaval brésilien, Brazil.

As the parade is taking place in the Sambodromo and the balls are being held in the Copacabana beach and palace, many carnival participants are at other locations. Street festivals are very common during carnival and are highly populated by the locals. Elegance and extravagance are usually left behind, but music and dancing are still extremely common. Anyone is allowed to participate in the street festivals. Just get your groove on!


If you really want to get close to the action, then you’ll need to buy tickets for a seat at the Sambódromo. A cheaper option is partying at the Carnival blocos (street parties), along the streets of Centro and Santa Teresa and the beaches of the Zona Sul. This is the most intoxicating event in the world, so just attend it!

Brazil Carnival

In fact, there is so much to see and do in Rio that I couldn’t possibly get into significant detail for everything without writing a book. Every year 4.9 million people celebrate this annual event, with visitors coming from all over the world.  One thing’s for sure, it’s a party you will never forget!


Lastly, as you visit Rio de Janeiro, never skip visiting the most famous Christ sculpture in the world. Located in the Corcovado mount a 38-metre (125 ft) statue of Jesus atop its peak, entitled Cristo Redentor or “Christ the Redeemer” opened his arms wide to the humanity.


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Enjoy Rio de Janeiro!


2 thoughts on “Won’t Miss the Rio Carnival 2015, Will You?

  1. Hi! Your photography is beautiful, may I please use use your first image of the dancers in orange and green, for a collage project? It will be featured in our publication, La Voz Latina, for an article on travel in Latin America. Please let me know.
    Thank you very much.

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