Zanzibar is the Paradise of East Africa

Woman swimming underwater

This ancient isle attracts visitors intent on discovering sandy beaches, pristine rain forests, or colorful coral reefs. Once known as the Spice Island for its export of cloves, Zanzibar has become one of the most exotic flavors in travel. In our list below, you can find amazing travel tips for visitors planning a vacation to Zanzibar.


 Beyond everything, you should plan a visit to Stonetown during your trip on Zanzibar, each twist and turn of the narrow streets brings something new.

“Stone Town”

Along the way, watch the island’s rich cultural melange come to life: Arabic-style houses with their recessed inner courtyards rub shoulders with Indian-influenced buildings boasting ornate balconies and latticework, and bustling oriental bazaars alternate with street-side vending stalls.

“The Rock Restaurant”

If you desire to attend something more cultural, you can visit Beit el-Sahel and Beit el Ajaib, which are built by Sultans of  Zanzibar, serving as museums today.

See the Old Fort of Zanzibar (the oldest building and a major visitor attraction of Stone Town) and Forodhani gardens facing to it.

“Forodhani Gardens”

For something religious, the Anglican Cathedral, constructed in the 1870s is a must, as well as being the first Anglican Cathedral in East Africa.

Anglican cathedral Christ Church, Stone Town, Zanzibar

Hamamni Persian Baths could be your next stop, built on the end of 1800’s, were used as public baths open to both men and women.


For something more peaceful, you can visit the Changuu Island or the Chumbe Island with a tour, to swim, snorkel and sunbathe. The Changuu Island is a tropical paradise that’s home to the giant Aldabra tortoise.

Changuu Island”

The Chumbe Island is home to 2 historic buildings, a lighthouse and a small mosque.

“The Chumbe Island”

“You can observe every shades of blue and green in Zanzibar, and attend various activites”

This place is a real dreamland!


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