3 Days in Berlin


We flied to Berlin with Lufthansa from Istanbul via Frankfurt. It was a peaceful flight and we landed there at 1 p.m. I’ve made some research before leaving for Berlin and I had pretty much idea about what to expect. We took the bus to Mitte from Tegel Airport and left our baggages to Alper Hotel am Potsdamer Platz.

In our first day; Since the hotel is too close to the city centre, we decided to walk. Passing the Sony center, we approached to our first destination; Halocaust Memorial.

berlinAfter taking some snaps, we continued with the Gendarmenmarkt, an hypnotising square where an concert house and 2 cathedrals meet. That place was one of the most glorious places I’ve seen in Berlin.18-2 We took the stairs of the cathedral to have a birds eye view of the city and made our wishes.

“Gendarmenmarkt is my favorite place in Berlin.”

It was impossible to leave the town without touring the Checkpoint Charlie and Jewish Museum, so we paid a little fee to what’s left of the Holocaust. The museum was amazing, full of memories and documents, representing the holocaust.

Then we walked to one of the symbols of the city, The Brandenburg Tor, it was very crowded down there, so we just took some photos and had to leave.

“Brandenburg Tor”

Since it was 1st of May, there were concerts and festivals everywhere, so we headed to Tiergarten. After having a short walk, we had an appointment at 6 p.m. in the Reichstag Building, to have another birds eye view to Berlin. The building was amazing, the architecture was incredible and the scene is glamorous.

reichstag-building“Reichstag Building”

After the long walks and dozens of photos, we went a nice restaurant to have something fulfilling. And we came back early to wake up early the next day.

For the second day, we had another tiring plan, obviously a most tiring one. We had our breakfast in the hotel and headed to see the Berlin wall. East Side Gallery was the most cheapest and desired option so we took the metro there. It was an amazing experience to see the paintings on the walls which are full of pain and hurt. We walked to Alexanderplatz to see the Berliner Fernsehturm.

“East Side Gallery”

Then we passed the bridge and entered the enormous Berliner Dom. There was a ceremony when we entered there and took the stairs to the top level to witness another city scene. We had plenty of hours to visit the museum island so we left the cathedral.

“Berliner Dom”

The museum island made us feel so good that we laid down the grasses and spent some time watching what’s goin on in Berlin. This city is amazing and the buildings are magnificent, which separates it from any other European country.

Alte National Gallery”

We toured the Pergammon, Altes,  Bode, National Gallery and Neues Museums and had our dinner at Unter den Linden.


The last day was a bit different, we took a boat tour on the river and tried a Berliner beer for the first time. Then we went to see the Kudamm street. Kaiser-wilhelm church is another destination to see and so the Berlin Zoo is. The zoo was the biggest in Europe and we saw numerous species of animal.

Another must is a tour in KaDeWe, which was mainly Jewish owned. And now it was time to try the Currywurst. It was very famous in Germany and we wouldn’t have skipped without trying.


We didn’t want to turn back to Istanbul because we really enjoyed our short holiday in this beautiful European city. Berlin will be my first choice if I ever decide to go abroad again since it never finishes exploring the city.


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