Iztuzu Beach: Like in Your Dreams


Iztuzu Beach, a 4.5km long beach near Dalyan in the city of Muğla, Turkey, also close to well known touristic spots like Marmaris, Fethiye Ölüdeniz(a.k.a. Dead Sea or Blue Lagoon) and Bodrum. “It is one of the main breeding grounds for Caretta Caretta’s in the Mediterranean and is therefore often referred to as “Turtle Beach””.


Another feature of the beach is that it is a seperator of the Mediterranean sea and the delta of Dalyan. The beach is closed between 8pm-8am in order not to disturb the turtles and it’s prohibited to make noise or make anything distracting.


Being a frequent tourism spot, the Iztuzu Beach attracts attention with it’s neatness and naturalness, and has received many awards around the world:

  • Best Open Space in Europe, 2008 (The Times)
  • Best Beach Destination in Europe, 2011 (Zoover and Meteovista)
  • Best 7th Beach Destination in Europe, 2013 (TripAdvisor)


This beach looks like it goes on forever with its wonderful sand and crystal clear waters – and turtle nests! It’s like a little piece of heaven! The Caretta Caretta Hospital located in the beach is an absolute must see to watch and learn about the magnificent sea turtles.


The easiest way to reach there is via Dalaman Airport.


The closest tourist attractions in the area are; 

Kaunos Ancient City

Lycian Tomb Rocks


Sulunger Lake

Mud Bath


Riverboat cruise along the Dalyan River

Cleopatra Island Tour


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