Best 10 Zoo’s in The World


No matter which age group you belong to, everybody loves zoo’s! Observing the animals where you can’t encounter with in the city has always been a pleasure for us. Chimpanzees, lions, bears and many others are the main members in a zoo but the zoos in this list are very special, where many other different species continue their lives with great care and comfort.

1) San Diego Zoo – California – USA


Anaconda, Giant Panda, Gorilla, Koala, Cheetah, Tasmanian Devils and much more..

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2) Loro Parque – Puerto de la Cruz – SPAIN2

Dolphin, Jaguar, Alligator, Aquarium, Iguana, Sea Lions…

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3) Singapore Zoo – Singapore


Giant Rabbits, Komodo Dragon, Puma, Flying Fox, White Tiger…

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4) Prague Zoo – Prague – Czech Republic

Malayan Tapir, Western Lowland Gorilla, Camel, Antelope, Przewalski’s Horse…

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5) Tiergarten Schoenbrunn Zoo – Vienna – Austuria


King Penguin, Orangutan, Arctic Wolf, Giant Anteater, Sea Lions…

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6) Chester Zoo – Chester – England


Bush Dogs, Okapi, Anoa, Congo Buffalo, Sumatran Tiger, Python…

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7) Artis Zoo – Amsterdam – Netherlands


Butterflies, Gorilla, Crocodile, Aldabra Tortoises…

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8) Berlin Zoo – Berlin – Germany

Fur Seals, Wolves, Hippos, Brown Bears, Pelicans…

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9) Taronga Zoo – Mosman – Australia


 Goodfellow’s Tree Kangaroo, Wombat, Corroboree Frog, Rhinoceros, Meerkat…

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10) Khao Kheow Open Zoo – Pattaya – Thailand


Antelopes, Rhinos, Hippos, Ostrich, Banteng, Wild Cattle, Tapir…

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