Best of August: Sofia

Although August is the peak season for sunbathing and swimming, there are plenty of cheap and interesting places to travel in Southern Europe. If you haven’t seen the Balkans before, Sofia, Bulgaria will be absolutely a good start.

1Sofia is founded 2500 years ago”

Having a nice weather in August, with an average of 26°C in the morning and 14°C at night, Sofia is a great choice if one’s looking for a cultural vacation. This is Europe’s cheapest touristic destination all year, so you should get ready to get fancy with high satisfaction with less money.

Here is a list of popular attractions to enjoy during your travel in Sofia:

a“Sofia University”

f“Hagia Sophia Church”

b“Bulgarian Academy of Sciences”

5“Ivan Vazov National Theatre”

g“St. Nicholas the Miracle-Maker”

c“SS. Cyril and Methodius National Library”

d“Central Military Club”

e“St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral”

h“Ariana Lake”

If you desire to get tan under the bright sun and clear water in Bulgaria, you can visit Golden Sands Beach, just 5 hours from Sofia by car, which is very popular and a great choice to chill.


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