The Heart of French Cuisine Beats at Lyon!


How do you decide which country or city you’re going to? Are you looking to its history, natural beauty, culture or nightlife? We know all of these are important, but we are able to imagine that a country without cuisine culture would be pushed aside. Because eating is important! Whether you love to try different flavors or not, we know a place where your plate is always filled with good food. Where? Of course the city of flavor is Lyon, France! Leave yourselves to the autumn wind and French cuisine existing since the Middle Ages and release yourselves to the pleasure of exquisite tastes that you won’t forget.
If you have booked your hotel and say, “Ok, I’m ready. Where to eat in Lyon?’, here is the answer!

Tastes come from the family in Cafe des Federations


When you go to Lyon you will find a lot of little restaurants. They are small, you are advised not to judge. Because the flavors of this little dining of their home are great! Moreover, at this point you can experience the flavors which you haven’t heard of. Cafe des Federations is one of those restaurants with the flavor taste on top. We encourage you to take a trip to go with seafood filled with flavors that you have not tried before.

Heaven of Wine and Cheese: La Bouteillerie


As you know, France is a paradise of cheese and grapes. Well, where does the France’s most delicious drinks and the most excellent cheese are coming together? Yes, you guessed correctly, in Lyon! If you ask the question “Which restaurant should I go to Lyon?”, our answer will be La Bouteillerie. Moreover, we guarantee you that you will be amazed by the design and the atmosphere. While you are both at the border of France, famous around the world of imports of cheese and in Lyon, don’t think of returning without trying bleu cheese and herbed soft cheese.

The Sweetest side of Lyon: A La Marquise


Sweet lovers, let’s get to Lyon, and even let’s do yourselves a special a long vacation planning. You will know what we mean when you have a bite of cake in front of you at a bakery in Lyon. One would expect much from a city that is hosting the World Pastry Contest every year, right? If you are looking for a venue that will steal your heart, la Marquise is for you! Creme caramel and chocolate, kuraso liqueur, coussins de Lyon made from marzipan, you should definitely try the flavors of la Marquise. You will be very surprised how perfect flavors are made in a small place like this.

Lyon is love. The targets of travellers who book Lyon hotels are clear. Never goes to just see a new city. If you are looking on for an appropriate hotel in Lyon, you can add these restaurant to your list already.


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