Summer Is Not Over in Sharm el Sheikh!


Are you ready to meet the city belonging to a country where history of civilization started with the pyramids, in Egypt,? We’re sure you’ll love it after you get to know the pearl of the Red Sea, Sharm El Sheikh. Before 1967, Sharm El Sheikh was a small village, and the Six-Day War changed it’s destiny. The conquerer Israel, looked good to her, greened, structured, and today have created a tourist Paradise; Sharm El Sheikh.
Do you start to wonder about Sharm El Sheikh which b
rings the beautiful dreams with underwater world and better in fall than the summer? Then don’t waste time! Get your tickets now and meet this heaven of Sharm El Sheikh, we’ll give you all the information about where to see and explore.


Tiran Island:

Colorful fishes, crystal clear water and one of the most convenient places on earth to make scuba diving.. When these come together, it becomes a must to visit the Tiran Island and go diving. It is possible to meet colorful and cute underwater creatures which you see in documentaries. If you have diving licence, you can prefer Ras Muhammad National Park. National Park is more eligible and rich for professional scuba divers.


Ras Muhammad National Park:

If you think you’re a good diver; scuba diving, if you say “I dive but I’m not very good at it”; snorkel diving is suitable for you here. Ras Muhammad National Park is a must to see in Sharm el Sheikh. You will explore the magnificent big or small underwater creatures down there. Keep in mind to take a photo with the “Door of Allah”, which is preserved even after the war.

Sina Dessert

If you are in Egypt, a safari in the desert is a must. Sina desert invites you to give it a try with it’s golden sands. You can do it even if you are not going to Sharm el Sheikh with a tour, mostly all hotels arrange you one. Also you should put on your glasses to keep your eyes from thin sands. It is another pleasure to watch the sunset over the golden sands.


Old Bazaar

We know that you can’t stay at the hotel during your holiday in Sharm el Sheikh. Then, we invite you to the city center; Old Bazaar. There are too many places where you can have plenty of options to eat, drink and shop. We advise you to shop for colorful spices.


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