Tranquil Escape to Cuba: Playa Los Flamencos

Playa Los Flamencos

Playa Los Flamencos

Cayo Coco is an island which is located at the Northern coast of Cuba (Atlantic side) and is a part of an archipelago called Jardines Del Rey(King’s Gardens). Cayo Coco covering an area of 370 km2, the second largest of the Jardines del Rey, is famous for its natural white sand beaches and its crystal – clear waters. This island is the home of more than two hundred species of birds and thirty thousand flamingos. The most famous natural beach of the island is known as “Playa Los Flamencos”.


Playa Los Flamencos Beach

Playa Los Flamencos

One of the most famous beaches along the coast of Cayo Coco is Playa Los Flamencos, also called Flamenco Beach. Playa Flamenco is a beach facing northwest of 2.5 km made of dense sand, open to free walks.

The first hotel to open its door to Playa Flamencos was the Memories Flamenco in 2011, followed by the Pestana Cayo Coco in 2013 and finally the Melia Jardines del Rey (2014-2015). There are more rooms on this beach than any other beaches of Cayo Coco.

Memories Flamenco Hotel

Memories Flamenco Hotel

Memories Flamenco: Prices Starting From 36 Euro

Memories Flamenco Beach Resort Cayo Coco, archipelago Jardines del Rey Cuba. The Memories Flamenco 5 star resort in Cayo Coco sits on a magnificent white sand beach that is surrounded by relaxing crystal clear warm Caribbean waters. Memories Flamenco with its tranquil gardens and lush green vegetation is the perfect all inclusive resort for families, couples, travellers from abroad.

Pestana Cayo Coco Beach Resort Hotel

Pestana Cayo Coco Beach Resort Hotel

Pestana Cayo Coco: Prices Starting From 31 Euro

Hotel Pestana Cayo Coco Beach Resort is another beach hotel situated on the oceanfront. The hotel Pestana Cayo Coco is a 4 star “All Inclusive” hotel, featuring 508 rooms, 4 restaurants and 5 bars, offers the best of national and international cuisine. Pestana Cayo Coco is a modern building based on contemporary designs with colorful Caribbean touch but, typically Cuban lair. The a-la-carte restaurants offer multinational European dishes with an exclusive dining experience.

Melia Jardines Del Rey All Inclusive Hotel

Melia Jardines Del Rey All Inclusive Hotel

Melia Jardines Del Rey: Prices Starting From 43 Euro

Melia Cayo Coco offers an exclusive tourist experience. The hotel offers special bungalows arranged on stilts over a natural seawater lagoon looking like something from a movie set, an idyllic oasis of elegance, tranquility and total intimacy for travelers.

More information about Cayo Coco and the rest of Cuba Hotels can be found on our Cuba page on Simply sign in to your account and pay via credit card. Start your journey through



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