Five suggestions what to do in Madrid

Recently we have only introduced several different travel destinations in one blog post. It felt necessary to do something different this time and choose one specific travel destination to one post. In one of our recent Facebook posts we asked where people would want to go on that exact moment without money or time restrictions. We got few great answers, and one of them inspired us for this blog post. One of our followers whished to be in Retiro Park in Madrid. This made us curious about Madrid as a travel destination, and tadaa, the idea for blog post was ready! This means that now we’ll share some stuff about Madrid, and will present 5 Top Things to in this Spanish capital. Enjoy!

1. Spend a relaxing afternoon in Retiro Park

If you are looking for a relaxing day consider spending your weekend afternoon in Retiro Park. This main park of Madrid is the most visited park in the city and a central meeting point. You can wander around the park and enjoy the street entertainers and maybe stop for a drink in one of the many open air bars of the park. The central focus of the park is a large lake. You can rent a boat and enjoy the lazy afternoon floating on the water and listening the sounds of the entertainers, pleasant chatter of other visitors and the laughter of children.


Parque del Retiro

2. Enjoy some culture and visit a museum or two

In Tripadvisor your fellow travellers have ranked two museums as top places to visit in Madrid: Prado Museum and Sorolla Museum. The Prado Museum has one of the largest art collections in the world where you can get amazed by fine European and Spanish art. The Sorolla Museum is a smaller and less-known museum which presents mainly collections of Spanish art. We bet both of them are worth visiting, but remember that when planning a visit to a museum don’t schedule it for Monday – there is a big chance that it will be closed!


Museo del Prado

3. Do some economical (and ecological) shopping

As most capital cities of the world also Madrid has a lot to offer in the shopping section. However, Madrid’s speciality is its open air flea market organised every Sunday from 9 am to 3 pm in the historical center of Madrid. The flea market is called The Rastro and is a great place to make interesting findings, both old and new.

4. Try some tapas

Important part of any holiday is to eat some great food and Madrid is a perfect place to get your tummy full and a smile to your face at the same time. While staying in a foreign country one should definitely try some local specialities and since Madrid is in Spain, staying there is a great opportunity to eat some tapas! Tapas is a combination of appetizers or snacks which can be either cold or hot, and a tapas meal is combined of several different kinds of tapas. The local people are always the best resource to ask advises about the best places to eat, so don’t be shy to ask from for example your hotel where you can have the best tapas in town!


Tapas Bar

5. Party all night long

The nightlife of Madrid is world famous, so if you are a night person put your dancing shoes on and be prepared to party until the sunrise!

Do you have some other advises about what one should definitely do in Madrid? Share them in the comments section!

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