One of the world’s great cities, vibrant London manages to shine in the greyest weather and its diversity defies a simple definition. This sprawling city has drawn people for centuries, looking for something and finding the unexpected. London’s landscape is steeped in British history and tradition. The classic sights of Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Big Ben could not be more English, and are a permanent symbol of England’s former greatness. If any single thing epitomises London’s character for both local and tourist alike, it’s the tube, trains and red double-decker buses of its public transport system; the frenetic lifeblood that circulates three million people around the capital daily. As everyone will tell you the city is undeniably expensive, but you get your money’s worth like nowhere else on earth: no other city has such an excess of accessible history and dynamic modernity.Book it now, do not miss this great opportunity with our smart prices.


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” Summer Vocation Tips “

Whether you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, summer vacations are the perfect opportunity to get away to a favourite spot or experience new sights and adventures. Most important, it is a time to be together and enjoy each other’s company. If however, your trip is not planned correctly, you will spend your vacation stressed out! So regardless if you are packing up the kids in the back of the van or traveling solo to exotic destinations, here are some travel tips to make this summer vacation your best one yet

Pack Right

Easier said than done right? Packing is a fine balance of bringing what you really need without taking too much. How do you do it? Planning ahead and having a really good list. Bring anything you absolutely must have, bring co-ordinated clothing you can mix and match and make sure to have a list prepared well in advance so you don’t forget anything. Don’t bring too much of anything, you will not wear six pairs of shoes I promise you, and don’t bring anything that can be bought along the way if you really need it.

Have Plenty of Sun Screen, Hats and Sunglasses

The sun is stronger in the summer time and UV rays keep increasing. There is nothing worse then getting sunburned on the first few days of your summer vacation and spending the rest of it uncomfortable. Sun protection is more important now then ever before.

Be Flexible

Leave a little wiggle room in your plans. Give yourself plenty of time for delayed flights and traffic jams. Even if you do not get an opportunity to do something as planned, enjoyable rest stops or detours can be used to explore and can end up being even more memorable than the planned stops.

Bring A Camera

This one sounds obvious I know, but you would be surprised how many people either forget to bring the camera or the extra batteries or the memory card (in the old days it used to be the film) etc. Prepare your camera gear in advance so you have it ready to go, you do not want to miss that great sunset or your child’s first encounter with the dolphin.

Keep The Kids Amused

If you are traveling with kids, unless you love to hear “Are we there yet?” over and over, make sure they have enough to stay amused. Have them pack their own travel bags with things they love in order to keep themselves occupied during the trip on the plane or in the car. You can also find inexpensive travel games in stores, or you can play your own such as “I Spy” or the license plate game.

Be Prepared For Rain or Cooler Weather

There is nothing worse then packing t-shirts and shorts only to be hit with a cool spell and spending your summer vacation trying to stay dry and warm. Even if you are traveling to a hot desert, be prepared with basic rain gear and a warm jacket and vice versa.

Be Ready For An Emergency

If traveling by car keep an emergency kit handy that includes jumper cables, basic hand tools, flares or reflective warning triangles, a first aid kit, a flashlight with fresh batteries, and a cell phone if possible.

What Not To Do On Your Summer Vacation

There are a few things you should also not do in order to have a great summer vacation. First, try to avoid traveling during peak times, this means long weekends in the summer, unless you are a sucker for punishment. It also means rush hours in the city if you are driving, try to plan your time around these hours.

Don’t break the bank. A recent Expedia survey found that 57 percent of travelers blow their vacation budgets on food and drinks. Ways to get around this include staying at all inclusive resorts and booking rooms with a kitchenette. Before you visit a particular city, check out what activities are free to do there. Especially for kids, there may be lots of parks, museums or just interesting things to look at that will not cost anything.

And the most important tip for having a great summer vacation? Don’t overdue it. You are on vacation, don’t plan too much into a short amount of time, and leave room to just r-e-l-a-x. Enjoy the glorious summer days and nights, as we all know, they go by way to fast.

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Best Destinations for Christmas

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This Christmas head for a new destination to savor the warmth of the Festive season and let take you to some of the world’s unbelievably beautiful Best Destinations for Christmas for an unforgettable holiday experience for you and your family.

Christmas Holidays in Europe

Europe and most of North America gets really cold and snowy in December .

Those of you interested in sightseeing in Europe should be aware of the fact that travel destination options within Europe and North America (northern U.S.A & Canada) are restricted in December, unless you’re satisfied with indoor activities by the home fireplace.

North and middle Europe are usually cold, wet and grey, or cold, misty or foggy and dark, with daylight progressively becoming less as one moves farther up north.

Christmas all around the world

On the plus side, it may just be worth visiting these cold Christmas spots as tourists and holiday goers are also few in number, many cities and even smaller towns add bright and cheerful lights and illumination to their streets during this period of the year, with walkways and even tree tops canopies light up spectacularly. shows you the Best Destinations for Christmas from all over the world where you can enjoy an unforgettable festive celebration irrespective of the fact whether you are single, a couple or with a large family.

Some European cities have lively pre-Christmas markets and pre X-Mass bazaars and fetes or vibrant New Year celebrations, or super saver January sales. For those wishing to spend a warmer Christmas,  takes you to Best Destinations for Christmas all around the world. Northern Europe and North America are not the only places where Christmas is celebrated. also takes you south and to the southern hemisphere to give you a taste of Christmas in the sunny south.

A visit to South America , Mexico , Spain, southern Italy , Rome , the Mediterranean, Africa, Australia , New Zealand , South East Asia, Singapore , Hong Kong , Thailand, Philippines, will reveal to you just how amazingly Christmas is celebrated in these parts of the world ; without snow! Let  take you to unconventional yet immensely enjoyable


GOA – Magical City

Situated on the western coastline of India, the  cities in GOA   are known for there exceptional charm and appeal throughout the world. Goa was once famous for being the hangouts of the hippies. Even after them, the appeal of the cities in Goa leaves the tourists breathless. Goa is split into two districts, North Goa with the capital city of Panaji and South Goa with places such as Vasco da Gama and Margao.. The cities in Goa are dotted with colonial structures, smiling people, lively music, colourful festivals and virgin beaches. The attraction of Goa is equally distributed in all the cities in Goa.

Here is a brief list of some of the Major and most Fascinating cities of Goa:

Arambol: this is one city in Goa where can live fairly well on very little money. It is also a one place that hosts rocking parties.

Canacona: located in the South District of Goa, Canacona was ceded to the Portuguese by the Raja of Sund in the treaty of 1791. The Canacona district was among the last parts of the territory to be absorbed into the Novas Conquistas, and has retained a distinctly Hindu feel.

Candolim and Fort Aguada: Built by the Portuguese in 1612, with a church, the Fort is one of the main bastions commanding the entrance into the Mandovi River. The new lighthouse can be visited between 4:00 to 5:30 pm. The barracks – Aguda Jail – lies along the Sinquerim beach, too is worth a see.

Dona Paula: The place is named after Dona Paula de Menzes, daughter of a viceroy in colonial India. It is said that she threw herself off the cliff, when refused permission to marry a local fisherman, Gaspar Dias. Dona Paula is located seven kilometers west of the Indian state of Goa’s capital Panaji. Dona Paula Beach is nestled on the southern side of the rocky hammer-shaped headlands that divide the Zuari and Mandovi estuaries.

Mapusa: A small town clustered around the Mount (Alto), Mapusa is the place from where you can buy things of every day need. It forms the hub of North Goa with an even blend of residential and commercial establishments. Its 13 kms away from Panaji, a share-taxi or a bus will take you there. Known popularly for its Friday market, people from all over Goa come here to buy and sell their wares. The bustling market of Mapusa stocked with almost all types of items is one major attraction of the state.

Margao: This sleepy town of Goa is a fine combination of culture and commerce. The main population center of South Goa is Margao, the capital of Salcete Province. It is the cultural capital of the state. The town still has reminders of the Portuguese past. The old Margao church is worth a visit and the covered market is the best of its kind in the whole of Goa.

To sum , in a standartized world, Goa stands like a hidden gem , its virgin beaches , nice climate , and released lifstyle welcomes it’s guests . With the internet reservation , destinations like Goa becomes an alternative for travellers like Paris,London , it is that easy now . Lets have a look at the smell of freedom 😉