Have a honeymoon!!!

In this case, consumers would think about choosing a hotel so that they can enjoy the privacy of being together as newlyweds. Have a holiday Naturally, three of the most common situations where you require to find a cheap hotel is when you are going on holiday. Obviously, it would be impossible when you are not planning this thing, when you are going overnight. In this case, you cannot expect to go home for the night, when you will still continue your holiday afterwards. Had a delayed flight/schedule There’s also cases wherein flight or other transportation schedules are being delayed, the reason why you must go and find cheap hotels.

It is impossible and boring to find cheap hotels right now. This is the case when you are actually planning to go to a giant city that you are only going to visit. Usually, when consumers require a hotel to go to, naturally, that consumer is going to a relatively new place, of coursework, the consumer would not require to find a hotel when the place is in fact his/her place of residence. The most common situations where consumers require a hotel is when they:

The point here is that: in all of these situations, you are actually out of town. This is the reason why finding cheap hotels for you may be a very tiring task. First, most likely, you arte not familiar with the place, and you must go around the city, not even sure if you are going to find such cheap hotels that you and your relatives needs. Second, it is as well as a waste of time, and brings much inconvenience. Of coursework, when you are already at holiday, all you require to do is relax, and having to go through the hassles of finding cheap hotels for your needs would truly be a ruining experience.

Here is where online hotel web-sites can help you. In finding cheap hotels for your needs, whether it may be a honeymoon or part of holiday packages, it is very important to you to plan in advance, and scout for the cheapest hotels that you can get. It is a lovely thing that the net now can aid you in such a task. There’s online hotel web-sites that actually have a list of hotels whatever your location may be. Also, this list of different hotels does not only have their respective price rates, but in fact, they can also have what services these hotels actually offer.

This is the situation why it can help you find cheap hotels effectively. Using such sites actually enable you to compare prices without leaving the comforts of your home, given that you have net connection. And, you can also compare the services that they can give to what you actually require. Doing this would help you skip the hassles of finding cheap hotels, which also proves to be physically draining on your part. This would also ensure that you would fully enjoy the holiday packages that you have availed.

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Surprise me 2010!

2010 and Expectations are ready? Too little left for the new year celebrations and here comes a new excitement for everyone. Because of the economic crisis in 2009 most of us lowered our expenses. But as the new year is coming economists say that the economy will be better and this means that we can go on our yearly holiday without any trouble.

Too many countries are spending lots of money for advertising and trying to get foreign customers to their beaches and museums. January is always a great time to make your hotel booking. You can choose any hotels you like with the lowest price.

Check these destinations for example. Miami and Ibiza are always top destinations. But this year a surprise may come and India/Goa may be a top destination.

So be smart book early and book online; save money and save time.


Tourism Australia, and its predecessor the Australian Tourist Commission, has been constantly marketing Australia internationally as a tourist destination for more than 40 years.During this time Australia has established a reputation as an innovator in tourism marketing and has built one of the world’s most successful and desirable destination brands.

Glittering rivers and oceans,  wildlife, mountains, captivating scenery, waterfalls, perfect beaches all come together to attract people from all round the globe to the fascinating country of Australia. Spread over an area of 7.68 million sq. km, Australia is home to some 19.5 million people. Australia’s human history began about 45,000 years ago with the arrival of the people now known as Aboriginals across the straits from what is known today as Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. It was settled by the British just over 200 years ago, in 1788, and since then has transformed from a colonial outpost into a nation where enthusiasm and exuberance shimmers in every part of the country.    

Sun-kissed beaches, the dramatic Red Centre, over 500 national parks along with most friendly people makes Australia most desirable tourist destination. Victorian-era buildings makes Australia an exciting place to visit. There is no dearth of tourist destinations in the country. Infact, a wondrous dilemma that is faced by almost everybody visiting the place is, where to begin!

Sydney Tourist Attractions are diverse and offer breathtaking natural beauty coupled with some iconic architectural excellence that is the landmarks of the city in the Global arena. Offering excellent accommodation facilities at an economic rate, Sydney draws the tourists towards it from the state and abroad. Being one of the oldest and most picturesque cities of Australia, Sydney boasts cultural diversity coupled with mouth watering culinary experience that contribute in making it one of the most sought after tourist destination of theworld.(http://www.galahotels.com/Hotels/Australia/Sydney.aspx)

Sydney Harbor Bridge is the iconic bridge that offers the panoramic view of the City and the harbor. The concept of the famous Sydney Rock is basically derived from the rocky coastal areas of Sydney on the western side. It happens to be another popular tourist spot. Tourists can also visit the Sydney Aquarium and enjoy the marine collections and various wild underwater habitats. These above mentioned tourist attractions in Sydney make it a world class tourist destination. (http://www.galahotels.com/Hotels/Australia/Sydney/Observatory.aspx)

Being one of the most sought after tourist destinations of the world, Melbourne also happens to be the most picturesque cities of Australia having a lot to offer the Global tourists. Starting from the cultural diversity that is something to see and enjoy, Melbourne also offers sporting grounds, a great culinary experiencing providing a dynamic food and dining experience. Leafy boulevards, great landscape and picturesque scenic beauty of the urban life make Melbourne the most alluring tourist spots in the Global Arena. (http://www.galahotels.com/Hotels/Australia/Melbourne/Crown_Towers.aspx)

Federation Square, Melbourne Australia

A tourist can start their tour by taking a bus ride and hop at the different city attractions such as the Arts Center, Queen Victoria Market, South bank and Federation Square etc. One can also take tram ride which will take him along the City’s major streets and popular attractions. In the afternoon the tourist can head towards the Federation Square and enjoy the different galleries. Again the tourists can also take a tram to the St Kilda Beach. After enjoying the Beach the tourist can wander the esplanade and shopping arcades down the street along the Fitzroy and Acland Streets. The tour from Yarra River to St Kilda Beach is worth seeing. Tourists can also visit the Mornington Peninsula where they can swim with dolphins and enjoy the breathtaking view of the historic seaside Village of Sorrento. All these attractions in Melbourne make it the ideal vacation spot for the International tourists.



                The pilot ecotourism project sites that the parties has agreed to manage in a memorandum of agreement, has been identified as a high ecotourism potential with beautiful scenic attractions and are endowed with rich biodiversity. These sites are mostly protected area in the Philippines. Under the agreement, the parties agreed to manage existing and pre-identified ecotourism sites in the Philippines and promote specific ecotourism sites.

Manila Bay at a typical day.

         The sites include the Verde Island Marine Passage Corridor in Batangas (center of the center of marine shorefish biodiversity’); Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (underground river); Donsol, Sorsogon (whale shark watching); El Nido, Palawan (marine protected area and limestone karst); Tubbataha National Marine Park (coral reef); Banawe Rice Terraces, Ifugao; Mayon Volcano, Albay; Pamilacan, Bohol; Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan; Sapang Bato, Angeles City, Pampanga; Lake Sebu, South Cotabato.Promoting the Philippines as a World Class Ecotourism Destination will boost up the influx of tourist, visitors and locals to the ecotourism sites that will surely generate income.

          The City of Manila is a sprawling melting pot where you can sample the country’s best offerings, if you know where to look for them. Aside from the usual tourist magnets, there are plenty of offbeat destinations in and around the city to keep you occupied and interested during your stay.

        Distinct from the other cities of Asia, Manila is best enjoyed in piecemeal trips. Authentic colonial churches withstand the test of time and are well worth the visit, and the city is at par with the best in Asia in shopping and entertainment. Intramuros and the 150-hectare sprawl around Rizal Park are also essential stops for casual tourists. The local fiestas and fetes are also something to look forward to, and the nightlife in areas like Malate, Pasig, Makati and Libis (within the metro) are an event of their own.


              Of course the city has its downsides; as in many third-world countries, poverty is obvious within fifteen minutes from the airport, and the once-beautiful Pasig River has also outlived its best years. If you’re not accustomed to tropical weather, its best to postpone your trip until the months of October to January; the wet-dry climate of the country can be very fickle, humid, and balmy, or otherwise drenching wet. If you’re looking for a laidback experience, the city isn’t for you, but respite is within hours on the outskirts of the metropolis. The traffic problem is moderate compared to other cities, but the pollution is appalling, especially during rush hours; if you have a serious health condition, this relatively congested  city can adversely affect your health.

              If the weather isn’t a problem for you; fiestas of patron Saints are religiously observed around the country, and since each Saint has its own fiesta day, there is something going on in any barangay at any particular time. May is also Flores de Mayo month, and the evening processions of maidens in detailed gowns are a treat for foreigners and locals alike. Consumerism is at its peak during the Christmas season, and you’ll find bargains on practically every shop, but particularly in the infamous Quiapo and Divisoria markets, where many of the pirated (but cheap) buys can be had for a fraction of the cost of their original counterparts.

                 If you’re not staying with friends or relatives, the first to five-star hotels offer great service at a price, particularly the Manila Hotel located near Baywalk and Rizal Park. There are also  condotels, apartelles, motels, transients, bedspaces, and apartments. Condotels and apartelles are usually decent; just make sure you take a thorough look-see before you rent the place. As for motels, go for the franchised establishments, and with the others, if the terms and the neighborhood don’t feel right, you might as well rent at your own risk.

 Photo: Manila

           You can sample the city’s bustling nightlife at the upscale Glorietta center in Makati, along bohemian Malate, at Eastwood, Libis, and the resto block on the SM Mall of Asia, a short ride from the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The dress code is usually relaxed, and you’ll find the bars and restos packed even on weeknights, as night-shift call center employees tend to gravitate to these areas to wind down or prep up for work. Similar watering holes may also be found along Timog and West Avenue in Quezon City, and at the Ortigas Center in Mandaluyong.

             Some things you have to try out during your stay: visit the old stone churches view a stage performance at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (on Roxas Boulevard); sample Chinese culture and delicacy at Binondo, Manila’s Chinatown; find great bargains on anything at Divisoria (particularly on 168 mall), bulk fabrics at Baclaran, and at Tutuban mall; watch raucous cockfights at the Libertad cockpit in Pasay; view the superb sunset on Manila Bay along Baywalk, on the cultural grounds around San Isidro, or from the chartered ferry SV Carina which takes an hour-long cruise along the bay; the IMAX experience is also available at the SM Mall of Asia for three-dimensional film offerings.

               During your stay: if you’re tempted to take a Kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) tour around the city’s hotspots, make sure that you and the driver are clear on the rate (250 pesos per hour is a good deal); even so, the latter will make excuses and try to increase the fare along the way. Don’t give in – they can be very persistent and even irritating. Also, don’t exchange your currency on the ‘money markets’ such as Santa Cruz; these usually have very appealing (dubious) rates, but the teller will try to scam you by shortchanging the exchange. Hiring cabs from hotels can cost you more than hailing metered ones from the street; insist that the driver turns on the meter before you tell him where to go. It is also normal for you to be frisked, and your belongings searched when entering any major establishment (malls, hotels, even restaurants) – security is a priority in the Philippines, and as discomfiting as it is, get used to it during your stay. Keep your belongings close to yourself in fairly crowded areas (flea markets, railway stations, and even on the sidewalks), and be wary of dubious offers or pleas for help; con men, pickpockets, and snatchers use varied methods of distraction and getaway to their advantage. And you might want to stay away from the city during the wet season (June to November); the traffic and flooded streets can be a gridlock of irate, stranded motorists and commuters.

Best Destinations for Christmas

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This Christmas head for a new destination to savor the warmth of the Festive season and let www.galahotels.com take you to some of the world’s unbelievably beautiful Best Destinations for Christmas for an unforgettable holiday experience for you and your family.

Christmas Holidays in Europe

Europe and most of North America gets really cold and snowy in December .

Those of you interested in sightseeing in Europe should be aware of the fact that travel destination options within Europe and North America (northern U.S.A & Canada) are restricted in December, unless you’re satisfied with indoor activities by the home fireplace.

North and middle Europe are usually cold, wet and grey, or cold, misty or foggy and dark, with daylight progressively becoming less as one moves farther up north.

Christmas all around the world

On the plus side, it may just be worth visiting these cold Christmas spots as tourists and holiday goers are also few in number, many cities and even smaller towns add bright and cheerful lights and illumination to their streets during this period of the year, with walkways and even tree tops canopies light up spectacularly. www.galahotels.com shows you the Best Destinations for Christmas from all over the world where you can enjoy an unforgettable festive celebration irrespective of the fact whether you are single, a couple or with a large family.

Some European cities have lively pre-Christmas markets and pre X-Mass bazaars and fetes or vibrant New Year celebrations, or super saver January sales. For those wishing to spend a warmer Christmas, www.galahotels.com  takes you to Best Destinations for Christmas all around the world. Northern Europe and North America are not the only places where Christmas is celebrated. www.galahotels.com also takes you south and to the southern hemisphere to give you a taste of Christmas in the sunny south.

A visit to South America , Mexico , Spain, southern Italy , Rome , the Mediterranean, Africa, Australia , New Zealand , South East Asia, Singapore , Hong Kong , Thailand, Philippines, will reveal to you just how amazingly Christmas is celebrated in these parts of the world ; without snow! Let www.galahotels.com  take you to unconventional yet immensely enjoyable