Topkapı Palace: An Empire Centre

Topkapı Palace in Istanbul, which  is the most oldest and  widest  palace from past to present in the world.  Topkapı Palace was  located in Sarayburnu  which is also Ottoman Empire’s control centre. The capital city of Ottoman Empire was controlled from Topkapı Palace where was lived on Ottoman Sultan and his dynasty. Topkapı  Palace was used as a control central. Topkapı Palace was  the primary residence of the Ottoman Sultans for approximately 400 years.

Topkapı  Palace View ”

In addition, Topkapı  Palace had  built in 1465, after  twelve years of Fall of Costantinople in Fatih Sultan Mehmed Era ( 1451-1481 ). Continue reading


Tallinn Opens Medieval Pages With Festivals

Tallinn is a middle age beauty city which is capital and main port city of Estonia. Tallinn has so many towers which rears up to sky besides it has streets with kerbstone which is also narrow streets. This specialities are enough to go to the faerie in Tallinn.

Tallinn Old City Streets” Continue reading