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As an online booking company, recieves bad, neautral, positive feedbacks on various platforms on the web. As a responsible company, we are trying to respond all our customer’s reviews on the web but too many reviews and complaints available on the free forums, blogs lack of evidence and doesn’t make any sense.
First of all, you can always have a chance to contact with, here i am listing all the ways that you can easily get an answer from our experienced customer service, sales, operation team.

1. Customer Service Tab   = Gives you the chance to create a case for your issue, then our CRM system will forward your issue to the dedicated team member. %100 you will get a certain reply.

2. You Can Call Us .. Here are the numbers that you can reach us on the business hours ;

    • United Kingdom : +44 20 3384 64 48
      United States : +1 347 871 9760
      Italy : +39 06 9480 4292
      Spain : +34 911 238 497
      Turkey : +90 212 706 09 99
      Turkey(fax) : +90 212 356 24 84



    • Head Office: Gulbahar Mh. Harmanyolu Ust Sk. Meric Plaza No:10/5Mecidiyekoy Istanbul – TR 34394
    • Business Hours: Monday – Sunday: 9.00 am to 6.00 pm – CET+2 (Central European Time)

3. Live Chat : You will see the live chat icon on the left buttom, easy to use and our sales & customer team is available for your questions .

4. Send and e-mail ! If all above not working for you, just send an e-mail to 

5. If we are still not reachable. Ok you can write your comment to our review page on truspilot on TrustPilot

To sum up, we are always ready to contact with you and will be glad to answer any questions from your side. Thus, we are working with Trustpilot and want to see ” real customer reviews ” both positive ones and negative ones. Without your feedback  we are alone.

Hope you enjoyed the above boring post 🙂


Amazon Rainforest

An indigenous, exotic and mystical  journey

Amazon rainforest is the largest tropical rainforest on Earth that is mostly contained within Brazil, and stretches into Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and some other South American countries.


The rainforest has a wide variety of tree species, more than 500 species of mammals, 2000 fish species and 1000 bird species to encounter. Small mammals, birds, reptiles and exotic insects such as butterflies are easily observed on jungle journeys.

1327503204_Amazon-Rainforest IMG_0598

There are many activities in the Amazon Rainforest to attend. Whether your interests are plants, animals, wildlife or native culture.


You can join a boat trip through the amazon river and see many kinds of plants like the Victoria water lily of the Amazon which can grow to nearly 10 feet in diameter.


Swimming with pink dolphins is another advice. These intelligent animals will approach you, like their oceanic cousins, and investigate as you explore their aquatic home.


You can discover the Wildlife in the jungle, seeing monkeys, bats, capybaras (Indian pig-like rodent), various rodent species in some mammalian species,  jaguars, ocelots (spotted wild cats), jaguarundis (long-bodied, long-tailed tropical American wild cats) and you can follow in the footsteps of other cat species, frogs, crocodiles and snakes in both water and land-living animals and reptiles.

ocelot__amazon_rainforest__ecuador 6a00d8341bf8f353ef01901ece7137970b-800wi

If you are interested in culture, you can meet the shamans and learn about the spirit world along with all the medicinal plants like Ayahuasca. The Ayahuasca is the master plant of the Amazonian rainforest. For many thousands of years, shamans have used its properties to cure the body and the soul and to connect with gods and nature.



Amazon Rainforest includes a must seen, huge, extreme, undiscovered diversity on its unique nature. Consider a relaxing, adventurous and exploratory vacation over there.

You can prefer some locations to stay during your Amazon journey like ManausIquitos, Napo, Sucumbipos.

Festivals in August

Every counrty has its own ritual celebrations of art, music or sometimes even a tomato fight that reflects their history. As some of us is lost in our daily working life or just bored of the rush of city life, we gathered some festivals around the world so you can experience the traditions of the country while having your holiday.

Il Palio – Tuscany, Italy
(2 July and 16 August)


Il Palio is a horse race that held on July 2 and August 16 with ten horses Continue reading

5 Unknown Facts about Barcelona

Did you know that Barcelona‘s most famous architect is Antoni Gaudi? He’s the archicet of the famous Roman Catholic Church, Sagrada Familia which is still under construction.

Did you know that Barcelona didn’t have any beaches until 1992? The local industries owned the seaside until the city decided to host the Olympic Games. Continue reading

Celebrating Halloween in Europe

As Halloween is getting closer you might start considering where to go to celebrate it. So we gathered some different cities that celebrates remarkably creepy as Halloween should be. Europe doesn’t celebrate Halloween like the United States but still with their exotic history and Gothic spirit with castles, dungeons, various traditions and scary legends, you will taste a different kind of Halloween. Add to all the iconic Trick or treating, carving pumpkins and ghost stories and you will probably get your best Halloween ever.
Transylvania, Romania

What other scary place can you imagine than Transilvania to celebrate Halloween? With continuing traditions and the legendary Dracula castle, Continue reading