Best Hotel of the Season: Palma Bay Club Resort

From the data of the last 3 months’ sales report, the most searched and booked holiday resort is Palma Bay Club Resort. Located in the most convenient place in Palma de Mallorca, Club Palma Bay Resort is the most preferred hotel in the last 3 months.


This all-inclusive resort covers over 25,000 m2 and has 4 swimming pools, a children play area and large Continue reading

World’s Top Nightlife Cities

Some of the people travel to find peace and rest, but some of us travel to have totally fun! Travelling won’t meet its meaning if you don’t appraise it with celebration, to exchange our cultures we must also see the cities at night, even in the midnight. Night is the night when you clink your glasses with “Salud!” or “Cheers!” Here is the list of top ten cities to make your nights a real discharging night with its quality, level of fun, people, music and most importantly; long lasting partying.

#10 Bangkok

The experience in a Bangkok night has full points and the people and music makes your pleasure double. Continue reading

Punta Cana Takes Your Breath Away


Punta Cana is the easternmost province of the Dominican Republic. The area is best known for its beaches and balnearios, which face both the Caribbean and Atlantic, and it has been a popular tourist destination since the 1970s. The name Punta Cana refers to the cane palms in the region, and literally means “Tip of the White Cane Palms”. In Dominican Republic, there are 8 international airports and one if Punta Cana International Airport. In the destination, Continue reading

5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Portofino

543928_portofino_italiya_gorod_5571x3048_(, a colorful bay in Italian Riviera is one of the top places to visit in Genoa, Italy that is Europe’s largest historical center which is authentic in every detail. Portofino has its own soul different than other cities in Italy, that every traveller should experience and enjoy and the places where you’ll love to get are very easy to reach. Genoa, especially Portofino  Continue reading