Miracle in the Sea: Underwater Sculptures

Many of us think art is something exhibited only on land, whereas there are many underwater sculptures located on the fresh sea beds, attracting thousands of visitors every year. They are too much that an underwater park is built by using the masterpieces.
2“Vicissitudes, a ring of 26 children holding hands located 5 metres down in Moilinere Bay, Grenada.”

British artist Jason deCaires Taylor is a skilled diver and photographer, Continue reading


10 Most Beautiful Cities in the World Are Determined!

Once again in 2014, CNN Travel readers have determined the most beautiful ten cities in the world. Most of them are cities in Europe, where as there are some in Africa, America and Asia. These ten cities are all rich in tourism with its natural beauties and ancient heritages. We bet these cities are a must visit before you die, so they should be added to your bucket list one by one. So, Continue reading

5 Unknown Facts about Barcelona

Did you know that Barcelona‘s most famous architect is Antoni Gaudi? He’s the archicet of the famous Roman Catholic Church, Sagrada Familia which is still under construction.

Did you know that Barcelona didn’t have any beaches until 1992? The local industries owned the seaside until the city decided to host the Olympic Games. Continue reading